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Common Questions about the Asics Wrestling Singlet

  • Would this be a good option for a female powerlifter?
    • The quality of the singlet is incredibly high. However, the chest area on the Asics Wrestling Singlet is cut quite low. Therefore, as a female, we would recommend that you wear a t shirt underneath it. However, the compression benefits of it are second to none.
  • Is this good for Powerlifting?
    • It seems to be pretty common to see people using a Wrestling Singlet for PowerLifting competitions, and for training for such events. This is due to the compression benefits of the outfit. We have found that some users may have interference with the singlet and their chosen knee sleeves (especially if the individual has shorter legs). However, the singlet can technically tuck under the knee sleeves.
  • Could I use the Asics Wrestling Singlet as swimwear?
    • There’s no specific reason why it could not be used as a streamlined swimming option. However, the item obviously isn’t made for this use, and therefore the material isn’t made to withstand the harshness of chlorinated water. Therefore, we couldn’t promise the longevity of using this product for regular swimming. If you would like it for this use, we would recommend this instead.


Asics Wrestling Singlet for Weightlifting Competitions (Powerlifting)

We have found that a lot of the people who are purchasing this Wrestling Singlet, are doing so with the intentions of using it at a powerlifting competition. This is likely due to the high compression benefits of the singlet, which allows the muscles to perform well under the high stress pressures of heavy weight lifting. Although the main purpose of this item is for usage in traditional wrestling, there is no reason why it cannot have multiple uses.

Purchasers of the singlet found it to fit true to size, which is great news in a world where products don’t always fit the way the instructions state. In addition to the benefit of it fitting as expected, it is possible to purchase this item as an overnight delivery item from Amazon.com – Which we’ve found many purchasers benefited from when they were in desperate need for a new Wrestling Singlet, or Singlet for their Powerlifting Competition.


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