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Why Vince McMahon HATES Jeff Jarrett

So, this post is going to delve into the reasons of why Vince McMahon hates Jeff Jarrett. If you don’t know who Jeff Jarrett is, then I’d give the guy a Google search if I were you. Well, basically the reason why Vince McMahon hates Jeff Jarrett boils down to when Jeff left the WWE (then WWF) in 1999 to jump ship to WCW. I bet he regrets that decision, considering WCW was most definitely in the downhill stage by 1999. However, Jeff Jarrett has gone on to have a reasonably successful career in TNA since then. Jeff Jarrett Blackmailed...

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Replica Zebra Yeezy – PK 6th Edition from Muks

I decided to order my shoes from Muks, after a talking to several different sellers. I won’t mention any other seller’s names, as I want to keep the review specifically to the shoes and the seller I actually used, and more importantly, keep this review as unbiased as possible. What I ordered: PK Factory Zebra (6th edition) Yeezy V2.0 Muk’s Website: here Muk’s Skype: sunday3120 Ordering Process As stated, I ordered my Zebras from Muks. I decided to go with Muks simply based on the fact that he seemed the most genuinely nice seller out of the 4 or 5 that I had spoken to. At the end of the day, they’re all providing the same product, so to me, it comes down to two factors. Price and Friendliness. I found some of the other sellers to be a little less accommodating than Muks. However, this can always be down to cultural/language differences. What comes across as blunt and rude to me, could simply be the language barrier. Saying this, I have never found Muks to be rude, or blunt. He was always keen for chatting, and always answered any questions I had promptly and in plenty of detail. I never felt as though I was pestering him with questions. You can have a look at Muks’ stock on his website. However, I would highly recommend chatting to him...

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Asics Wrestling Singlet – Worth the Expense?

Purchase Now! Common Questions about the Asics Wrestling Singlet Would this be a good option for a female powerlifter? The quality of the singlet is incredibly high. However, the chest area on the Asics Wrestling Singlet is cut quite low. Therefore, as a female, we would recommend that you wear a t shirt underneath it. However, the compression benefits of it are second to none. Is this good for Powerlifting? It seems to be pretty common to see people using a Wrestling Singlet for PowerLifting competitions, and for training for such events. This is due to the compression benefits...

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Randy Orton Net Worth – One Rich Viper!

Randy Orton Bio – Facts Randal Keith Orton (RKO) made his wrestling debut in 2000, prior to being signed to WWE and being sent to OVW, which was WWE’s developmental platform at the time. Essentially, the NXT of the 2000’s. Orton is a 12 time world champion, and a 3rd generation wrestler. The fact that wrestling is obviously in his blood is something which WWE have played upon in storylines. Something they often do with superstars who have famous parents who used to wrestle in the WWE. Orton lives in St Charles, Missouri. In 2007, Randy Orton married his...

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Roman Reigns Has Been Removed From RAW Shows & Plans for Nakamura – WhatWrestling News #3

With AJ Styles on Smackdown and Finn Balor seemingly set for a lengthy baby face run, the Superstar Shake-Up failed to reunite either with their Bullet Club brethren Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. So, if WWE isn’t going to do it, then The Demon King will have to take matters into his own hands with toys. Finn Balor has posted an image on Instagram with his original Bullet Club line-up all holding Raw championship gold in action figure form. Which is just ridiculous. I mean, come on Balor. Grow up. You’re playing with toys. After Sportskeeda’s Dirty Sheets podcast revealed Jinder Mahal would become the WWE Championship’s No. 1 contender on...

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2017 Royal Rumble DVD

True Story of the Royal Rumble

The 3 Week Diet

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