When you decide to go to a WWE event, one of the best aspects is getting involved in the crowd participation. Arguably even if you’re sitting at home in front of your TV, being able to feel and hear the crowd is a great experience. Whether it be hearing the crowd “boo” Roman Reigns, cheer for Dean Ambrose, or shout random irrelevant chants. Some cities are notorious for being louder than others, some are harder to impress than others. However, what are the best wrestling crowds (generally speaking) in the WWE Universe? Here are our top 3 best wrestling crowds, and why…


New York

Do we really need to explain with Madison Square Garden is on this list? Really? Okay then…

Back in the day, MSG used to be the home town for McMahon promotions. It was the grand daddy of the WWE locations.

The New York crowds definitely aren’t afraid to let you know what they think of you, which arguably puts the pressure on performers to unleash some of their best performances. There have been plenty of great events held at MSG. We highly recommend checking them out on the WWE network. There’s just something special about a Pay Per View at MSG. Especially back in the 90s.


Prime example of why Toronto is great….Wrestlemania, Hogan versus The Rock. Chris Jericho said it best when he explained that this match was average at best if you listened to it with the TV muted. However, the roar and excitement from the crowd at full volume turned this into an all time great event.

Toronto has been witness to some amazing WWE moments, but it doesn’t quite top our list



No city boos Roman Reigns and John Cena quite like the Chicago crowd. Infamous as being one of the most difficult crowds to get over. The city is almost always action packed, and generally filled with very wrestling-savvy fans, as opposed to casual fans. For a great example of what the Chicago crowd could be like, just YouTube some CM Punk videos while he performed in Chicago.

Chicago has seen some great historical moments. From witnessing Chris Jericho’s WWE debut, to Wrestlemania 13.

We may even see Wrestlemania go back to Chicago sometime soon, as Vince McMahon has made a comment implying that he may be looking to take the event to Chicago in the near future.


Best Wrestling Crowds

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