I thought I’d set up a new blog series. I’m going to be looking back into the past at some of my favourite, and your favourite wrestling matches. Some of them 10 years ago, some of them 20 years ago. Not neccesarily just from the WWE either. I’ll look into some classic WCW in time as well.

First up, we’ve got the great Randy Orton vs Mick Foley “No Holds Barred” ¬†match at Backlash. This match took place in 2004. Randy Orton held the Intercontinental Title, and this was back in the Evolution days. For this specific match, the members of Evolution were banned from ringside.

If you want to watch along while I do the review, then you can watch Randy Orton vs Mick Foley free here

Pre Match Comments

So, before the match, the first thing you’ll see is a little bit of a promo by Mick Foley. Quite an intense one, filled with gore, barbed wire, etc. Standard Mick Foley really. Definitely wouldn’t see anything like that in a promo in today’s WWE. A good little reminder of the good old days.

After this promo, the camera cuts to the start of Randy Orton’s entrance. Wow…reminder of how long ago this match was. It’s back when Randy Orton had the Evolution theme tune as his entrance song (Can’t beat a bit of Motorhead).

Orton appears with a trash can filled with goodies, and his Intercontinental Title around his waist. I never was much of a fan of that Intercontinental belt. Then again, I’m not a fan of the current white one either, I think it makes it look cheap. None of the belts are really that nice currently. My favorite championship belt of all time was definitely the World Heavyweight Championship. It was big, gold, yet simple. Back in my era of WWE fandom, that belt was personified by Triple H, Chris Benoit and the like. Totally different wrestlers to Seth Rollins.

Wow Randy looks so young! I’m not sure why I’m surprised. It’s very odd to see him without his now trademark shaved head and sleeve tattoos.

I’m actually getting excited for this Randy Orton vs Mick Foley match. I’ve not seen it in ages!

Essentially what I’m doing right now is watching 5 minutes of the match, and then typing up my views of the 5 minute segment I’ve seen.

Randy Orton still had a slow long walk down to the ring even back then.

Right, let’s get onto the actual match…

Randy Orton vs Mick Foley Review

The first 10 minutes of the match is pretty much all Mick Foley, as would be expected, really. It’s great hearing the sound of JR on commentary again.

Randy Orton seems to be keeping his vest top on for some reason. I’m not sure if there’s a specific reason for that. Perhaps it’s to avoid receiving too much damage. I guess we shall see later on in the match.

The two wrestlers are fighting their way up the entrance ramp. The crowd are definitely buzzed for this match. Then again, when are you not buzzed for a Mick Foley matchup. Those crunching landings on the grated entrance ramp are really the sound effects that WWE is missing today. We all know they’re well trained to take a bump (doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt), but they make it seem like it would be agony. Which just adds to the exitement of the match.

Randy Orton is making a bit of a tide turn as they head back into the ring. Orton has picked up “Barbie” the barbed wire covered baseball bat. Low blow to Orton! You don’t see them as often in today’s WWE, do you??

Here comes Sockoooo!!!! Oh wait, he can’t decide between Socko or Barbie.

There’s the blood! without a black and white overlay on top as well. Why on earth have they removed blood from WWE? Like, realistically a young fan is well aware of what blood is. It’s like we’re hiding kids from reality these days (ironic much).

They’re really liking to push Randy Orton as a “pretty boy/model” in this match. Mentioning how his good looks are being ruined.

This is something the WWE really is missing today. A Superstar who is able to connect with the crowd, and almost involve them in the match. The Rock could do it, Hulk Hogan could do it, and so can Mick Foley. But, could you name someone on the current roster who properly gets the crowd involved? I can’t.

Orton lands on the tumb tacks! Ouch! I can’t even begin to imagine how much that must hurt. His whole body has little thumb tacks stuck inside him.

Conclusion of Randy Orton vs Mick Foley

So, the match is done. Randy Orton walks out as the winner, as expected. However, all I can say is that I really miss matches like this. It really makes you realise why Randy Orton is such a good wrestler. He was willing to put himself out there in a match like that, for the fans. It was an absolutely fantastic match. Plenty from both wrestlers, and as with any hardcore match, there was plenty of blood and “holy shit” moments.