So, if you were paying attention during Monday Night Raw you probably would have noticed the little (or large) slip up on words which Booker T made.

Booker took to Twitter to make an official apology for the comment, in which he stated that Owen Hart couldn’t defy gravity. It sounds dreadful when it’s put that way. However, the context around it makes it obvious that it was a completely unintentional mistake on Booker’s part.

It was during an Adrian Neville match, who is known as the guy which gravity forgot. JBL stated that Neville could be the first high flying King of the Ring winner. To which Booker responded “Of course Owen [Hart] was a high-flyer, but not like this.” Booker T replied, “He couldn’t defy gravity.”

Owen of course died accidentally in the ring when he fell to his death. Which obviously puts Booker T’s comments in bad taste when taken out of context. However, he took to Twitter to comment on the situation, and apologise:



What do you think about the situation? Do you think Booker will get a punishment from Mr McMahon? He’s been known to be harsh for simple accidents in the past, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

I think it’s obvious that Booker didn’t mean anything malicious, and it is just an unfortunate choosing of words at an awkward moment.