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Braun Strowman, the new face of destruction, is one of the deadliest wrestler in the history of WWE. He is also known as the black sheep due to his mask. It is not convenient to say but many fear this giant. He has already dominated everybody, no one dare to stand against this destructive force. While many know him as Braun strowman, still few remember him as Adam Scherr. This man needs no steps, he could reach the first floor standing on his feets. The destruction is over two metre large and weigh nearly 2 ton, more than an average in Florida.He started his career by dominating most of the championships representing US and acquiring the first position. He went a mile and earned his strongman corporation professional card by winning US amateur national championship. This helped him gain his entry in WWE. He without any further delay signed for them and his very first match was assigned in WWE NXT, where beginners wrestle, as soon as he entered, he dominated and he conquered, his intentions were clear to become unstoppable. He completely destroyed his opponents and made few appearances as rosebuds in his exotic express gimmick. He made his main roster debut by attacking the others who were at the peak of their career and establishing himself as the newest member of the Wyatt family, the sheep’s family. He made his impact, his moves were unbreakable, his power was unbearable. He used the submission move triangle choke which forced the wrestler’s soul to tap out. He became the eliminating machine with record breaking elimination in a single royal rumble match. He was then termed as a monster who was simply unstoppable. It took no time for him to share the ring with WWE Legends, even dominate them with his power.He was then separated from the wyatt family and begin his single career, but it made no change. The monster became more dominant, more fearful and yet nothing could stand in his way, began his undefeated career. He quite easily cleared the hurdles, winning matches with ease no matter if it’s on on one or two on one. It never bothered him, he was not something who could be contained. He became greedy, he wanted more, he wanted challenge but yet nothing could stop him. No one was able to meet him, to held him. He was growing, he was learning, the beast was at his most vulnerable, he couldn’t be simply defeated. He defeated big show and also became the first person to get kick out of WMD.The monster then met Roman reigns, the heroic uderdog who was just like him with a mid set of dominance. They met, signed an agreement to face off against each other. This is where the monster suffered his first ever defeat via pin fall. He asked for a rematch which never happened due to the brutal behavior and interference. He then shared the ring with the Dead man and even Shawn Michaels was called out. The beast wanted to become the best, the face of the WWE. Chokeslam, big boot were not too heavy where as elevated triangle choke and yokosuma cutter were the nightmare of many.His intentions were perfectly clear after his tweet. He was willing to do everything today, he never waited. He wanted to become a hunter, a deadly one.A word to describe Braun strowman is destruction.



Braun Strowman's Net Worth

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WWE is entertainment, a business, a business that gives you popularity and a huge amount of money. What WWE gave to Braun strowman was a couple of fearful nicknames and a handsome bank balance. It for sure made him a popular wrestler but it also gave him fame. He is recognized by his monstrous personality. He made his way, he earned the names, he earned money too, to survive outside WWE. Who does not need a dollar?? yet he earned a lot, few millions within no time. His main source of income is through wrestling. His net worth before joining WWE may sum up to less than thousand dollars. Since as money finds its seeker, He was not very difficult to be caught, money found him and made him rich. Braun Strowman’s net worth as per today is 900,000 dollars. WWE paid the talent he possess. His salary increased with his fame, the popularity he gained was reflected on his bank account. WWE paid a huge sum for this man’s appearance. Fans went crazy and his salary was increased as the power of his dominance grew. He was paid $150,000 for the very first year and the salary kept on increasing each year. It is $300,000 at present and Braun Strowman’s net worth will reach 1 million by the end of this year. He is worth more than this. His hard work is being paid off but this is just the beginning. He totally worth it, he won Arnold Amateur strongman which gave him the entry to Arnold classic which is all about strength, strength and strength. He participated in both Arnold classic and world’s strongest man, where one requires strength while the other needs endurance and athleticism.He entered the ring the very first time was not long before from now, yet he achieved everything. He was inexperienced, he has very less experience of performing inside a squared circle, yet he was invincible. It’s difficult to expect ultimo dragon out of someone in a very short period of time. He has a natural charisma, he could involve the crowd with his actions and he was also very comfortable with the mic in his early days but now he roars, he roars like a lion and scares the hell out of other wrestlers.Braun strowman is a complete package of destruction as a wrestler yet as an performer he is entertaining. He earned everything on his own, he has the power to bring everything to him. He deserved whatever he has today and it will expand. Braun Strowman is a beast, an umatchable force and completely unstoppable.