If you’ve not heard it already, there was a lot of blood in the main event match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell.

Theorists and overexcited teenagers the world over are claiming that the two wrestling behemoths bladed in order to add blood to the match. While others are stating that the two opened up the “hard way”.

This is the second time this year we have seen Brock Lesnar bleed after hitting the ring post. In fact, it was the exact same ring post he hit at Wrestlemania which busted him open.

Now, there are many news sources which are stating that Vince McMahon was furious at the thought that the two wrestlers had been bleeding in the match and used blades to do so.

If this was any other wrestler other than Brock Lesnar, I could believe that they would do it on their own accord. However, Brock has made it very clear that he is only in this for the money and to make the maximum amount of it, with the minimal effort. Therefore, unless there was a cash incentive to do so, he wouldn’t be blading.

Therefore, it’s almost certain that IF he bladed, then he was done so on the instructions of Vince McMahon, and paid accordingly.

Arguments and theories apart. The match was definitely made a lot better by the addition of blood, and it was a refreshing addition to a match where it is almost expected to be hectic. It’s Hell in a Cell for Christ sake!!

So, what did you think of the HIAC match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker? What would you have changed in the match, and do you believe the two wrestlers bladed?