As we expected, Brock Lesnar destroyed The New Day during the live show in Japan.

We discussed later last week what the possibilities or outcome of the match might be. We almost guessed it perfectly. The match watch very short overall, and then Brock Lesnar proceeded to wipe out all three members of The New Day.

This puts emphasis on Brock’s dominance. However, is it a sign that the WWE creative team are done and bored with The New Day. Now that they’re no longer tag team champions, are they just going to become jobbers?

It could be argued that the live event in Japan (entitled “The Beast in the East”) isn’t particularly significant and it wasn’t an official PPV. However, it was shown live on the WWE network and therefore was seen by the majority of wrestling fans and therefore Brock Lesnar absolutely dominating The New Day won’t look good for them.

It will be interesting to see if there is any continuation of their connection to Brock Lesnar. I imagine there won’t be and it was a bit of a one off.

I still don’t really understand what the point of ┬áthe match was to be honest. I suppose they were just looking for any excuse to get Brock Lesnar in the Japanese event.

Overall it wasn’t a bad piece of theatre and entertainment. It wasn’t much of a match, but still entertaining none the less.

Let us know what you though of The Beast in the East WWE event.