I just can’t fathom why the WWE Writers thought that putting Brock Lesnar up against Kofi Kingston was a good idea. There are a multitude of reasons I could fling at you off the cuff for why this would be a bad idea for both wrestlers.

First of all, the most likely outcome. Brock Lesnar absolutely dominates Kofi, along with the rest of The New Day in a similar fashion to his dominance over John Cena last year. However, this will just make Kofi Kingston look REALLY bad. The difference between doing this to Kofi, as opposed to John Cena, is the fact Cena will always bounce back. However, whether or not Kofi Kingston could bounce back from a televised event of him getting absolutely dominated, I’m not quite sure. The fact it is Brock Lesnar, who can believably dominate anyone who is on the WWE roster currently makes it slightly better, because, let’s face it…if he miraculously managed to beat Lesnar, it just wouldn’t be believable. To be honest, even if he manages to win by going 3 against 1 with the entirety of The New Day, it’s still not that believable that he would win.

Regardless of that fact, it generally just doesn’t make much sense why Brock Lesnar would face off against Kofi Kingston. He’s gone from being the WWE Champion, to having a pointless match against a wrestler who hasn’t really managed to ever achieve much. What is the actual point? When you remove the story element, then maybe it will be an entertaining match. Combining the speed of Kofi and the strength of Brock, it’ll make for a good match, assuming it isn’t just a match of multiple F5’s and a quick pin.

I’ll definitely be interested to see how the match goes down tomorrow night. However, I’m more interested in hopefully seeing Finn Balor win the NXT Championship. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

What are you most looking forward to at this live show in Japan?