Brock Lesnar is currently back in the WWE, after a stint in the UFC. Prior to that, he dabbled in American Football, and prior to even that, he was in the WWE. So many different sports that he has excelled in, you would assume that he has amassed a rather impressive bank balance over the years.

It is claimed that Brock Lesnar earns approximately $5 Million per year with the WWE. Which, considering the amount of time he actually spends on TV, is a ridiculously high amount. However, it could be argued that Brock Lesnar is currently the WWE’s biggest draw to TV now. There’s no doubt he’ll be bringing plenty of noughties wrestling fans back to the WWE, and probably signing up to the WWE Network.

When Brock Lesnar first returned to the WWE after his stint in the UFC, he was rumoured to sign a year long contract worth $5 million, for three pay per views. Therefore earning him just over $1.6 million per Pay Per View. However, apparently this was just a standard, one off payment. There weren’t any PPV bonuses awarded to Lesnar.

In January of 2013, Lesnar signed an extention to his contract for another two years in the WWE. This sealed his inclusion in Wrestlemania 31, which no doubt was a huge incentive for Vince McMahon to sign him up for longer. The big draw to Wrestlemania was essential. However, was that huge $5 million per year worth it, simply for Brock Lesnar?

Overall, how much is Brock Lesnar worth though?

Brock Lesnar’s net worth is said to be around the $16 million mark. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is a little closer to the $20 million mark since resigning his WWE contract the week before Wrestlemania.

We’re still waiting for Brock to return to the ring after Wrestlemania. However, we’re certain he’s going to be around for another few years. He’s such a big draw for the crowds, and Vince would be stupid to let him leave. Then again, we know that Brock will do whatever he wants at the end of the day.