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Randy Orton Bio - Facts

  • Randal Keith Orton (RKO) made his wrestling debut in 2000, prior to being signed to WWE and being sent to OVW, which was WWE's developmental platform at the time. Essentially, the NXT of the 2000's.
  • Orton is a 12 time world champion, and a 3rd generation wrestler. The fact that wrestling is obviously in his blood is something which WWE have played upon in storylines. Something they often do with superstars who have famous parents who used to wrestle in the WWE.
  • Orton lives in St Charles, Missouri.
  • In 2007, Randy Orton married his first wife, Samantha Speno, and they had their first child together. However, they divorced in 2013. Orton has gone on to marry another woman, Kimberly Kessler, and has had a second child with her.
  • Orton has had many shoulder injuries throughout his career. This is due to the fact that he has something called 'Hypermobile Shoulders'. This is another term for having double-jointed shoulders. Which means they're very flexible, but prone to injury.
  • Randy Orton used to have a United States Marine Corps tattoo on his arm. However, had it removed/covered up when he received his bad conduct discharge.
  • In the past, Randy has been included in lists of WWE Wrestlers who have been found to have ordered steroids.

Randy Orton Net Worth 2017

Randy Orton Net Worth - $15.5 Million

Randy Orton's Net Worth comes in at a rather impressive $15.5 million. His earnings for 2016-2017 haven't been as high as in the past due to injuries. However, that hasn't stopped Orton from amassing a large Net Worth. Randy has had many severe injuries in his career. Obviously when a WWE wrestler isn't on TV, their merchandise sales majorly drop, and therefore they have less income. The only wrestler who is likely immune to this is John Cena, who is an absolute merchandise powerhouse in the WWE. Randy Orton is currently the world champion in WWE at the time of writing this article. That means that he is at the 'top of the pile' in the WWE. Which means his earnings this year may shoot up. So, when we come round to doing the "Randy Orton Net Worth 2018" article, we may see a far higher number than $15.5m!  

Randy Orton's Cars and Home

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