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Dana Brooke is an NXT womens superstar. Most notably and memorably performing alongside Emma. However, Emma has been more noticed on the main roster in recent months. However, this monday, we saw Dana Brooke ambush Becky Lynch alongside Emma, which seems to be an indication for where WWE want to go with Emma's storyline. Our theory is that this has potential to be an entry-point into the main roster for Bayley. We all assumed that when Bayley lost the women's title on NXT that she would instantly be promoted to the main roster. However, we haven't heard anything about that, and the rumor mill has died down a little. However, think about it. Becky Lynch and Bayley have history. It would lead to a potential 2v2 fight down the line.  

Do we like Dana Brooke?

We like to compare Dana Brooke to The Miz. He's incredibly irritating. Provocative. Annoying. Has a face you want to slap. However, there's just something about The Miz. He's an incredibly good heel, possibly one of the best on the roster. Dana Brooke has the potential to be the women's version of The Miz. Her accent just grinds my gears, and she just looks like a bit of a nasty piece of work (a bit like the Miz). She has the potential, if creative pushes her in the right direction, to become the main women's heel. There's just something that Charlotte isn't doing right in our books. To alter Roman Reign's quote: She's not good, she's not bad....she's just Charlotte, and I care very little for her. Creative have failed to create enough heat around Charlotte in our eyes.  

Potential Feuds

So, as stated, we think the most likely path is for Bayley to appear on Raw in the coming weeks. We're not sure if this will lead to a PPV highlight stealing match though. We all know Bayley and Becky Lynch are great in the ring, and so is Emma. However, Dana is good, not great. She's got a solid work-rate. The only issue being that we're not sure she has the capabilities to create a jaw dropping performance. However, maybe once she is given the opportunity to get onto the 'big stage', she will shock us all. We're rather shocked that she has been called up at all to be honest.  

Dana Brooke Ambushes Becky Lynch


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