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So, this post is going to delve into the reasons of why Vince McMahon hates Jeff Jarrett. If you don't know who Jeff Jarrett is, then I'd give the guy a Google search if I were you. Well, basically the reason why Vince McMahon hates Jeff Jarrett boils down to when Jeff left the WWE (then WWF) in 1999 to jump ship to WCW. I bet he regrets that decision, considering WCW was most definitely in the downhill stage by 1999. However, Jeff Jarrett has gone on to have a reasonably successful career in TNA since then.

Jeff Jarrett Blackmailed Vince McMahon for $300,000

When Jeff Jarrett's contract was coming up to expire, he was still holding onto the WWF Intercontinental Title. This meant that Vince McMahon ran the risk of having another Alundra Blayze situation where the title belt would be taken over to WCW once Jarrett's contract officially ran out. Jeff Jarrett knew this, and used that knowledge to leverage Vince McMahon into handing over $300,000 dollars in exchange for Jeff dropping the title to Chyna (only woman to ever hold a 'non womens' belt). This moment in time was only around 8 months after the WWF had turned the tide in the ratings war against WCW, so Vince definitely wanted to avoid any sort of backlash by showing any weakness. The last thing he wanted to do was allow Jeff Jarrett to keep the belt and risk him handing it over to the WCW creative team. This was also after the period of time where Vince Russo had moved over the be the General Manager of WCW.

Blackmail Confirmed by Chyna

Chyna has gone on record to admit that Jeff Jarrett blackmailed Vince McMahon in this situation. It is public knowledge of how much Chyna dislikes Vince McMahon. Therefore, there is no way she would admit such a thing unless it was 100% truth.

Reasons Jarrett and Mr McMahon Dislike Each Other

Vince and Jeff have a very long history of dislike for each other. First of all, Vince never really viewed Jarrett as main event potential, and only really a bit of enhancement for the brand. A mid-carder if you will. While, Jarrett believed that if he was given the chance, then he would be able to prove that he had the potential to be a part of the main events. Because of this lack of belief from Vince McMahon, Jarrett has always carried a bit of dislike for his former boss. Jeff Jarrett has been renowned for 'jumping ship'. Whenever his contract came up for renewal, he would often jump from WWF to WCW or vice versa. Eventually, Vince got a bit fed up with this. After all, he was never exactly that hot on Jarrett to begin with. Due to this show of disloyalty, McMahon never felt like Jarrett deserved to get a big push. Vince loves loyalty!

Jeff Jarrett Blames Vince McMahon for Owen Hart's Death

This is another reason why Jarrett dislikes Mr McMahon. He solely blames Vince for the death of Owen Hart (How did Owen Hart Die?). Whether it is specifically Vince McMahon's fault is still up for debate, and isn't something I want to go into in depth (perhaps for another post). Jeff Jarrett Blackmails Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Hates TNA

The claim that Vince McMahon hates TNA is still up for debate as well. Many superstars have claimed that Vince has nothing against TNA. However, he seems to have done everything in his power to try and overpower TNA over the years. Mr McMahon has done this by essentially creating deals with big venues, such as Madison Square Garden, so that only the WWE can perform there (in terms of Wrestling). This, obviously has a big effect on TNA. Jeff Jarrett is definitely a big TNA guy until he recently left to start up his own Wrestling Company.

Why Vince McMahon Hates Jeff Jarrett

So, that really sums up why the two individuals don't like each other. Both of them have their reasons. I think Jeff Jarrett seems to have started the feud. We all know that Vince is a very loyal guy, and Jeff has definitely tested that loyalty in the 90s. I'd imagine that once you mess with Vince once, it is very difficult to get him to like you again. Was what Jeff Jarrett did good business for himself? Or was it stupid, and burning bridges? After all, Vince McMahon then went on to fire Jeff live on Monday Night Raw once he bought WCW.  

2017 Update:

It is now 2017, so I thought I would update you with any new additions to this story. Jeff Jarrett is now a part of Impact/Global Force Wrestling, and as we all know, Vince McMahon is still the chairman of the WWE. In all honesty, there hasn't been much of an update to this story. They still won't work together, and probably never will. There is no benefit to WWE or Mr McMahon to work with Jeff Jarrett. As much as Jeff would like to deny it, he was not that much of a crowd draw back in the day, and he certainly isn't now. I would imagine that your average WWE fan under 18 probably hasn't heard of Jeff. We know that McMahon is happy to bury the hatchet when it is "best for business". However, there's no financial or business benefit to making amends with Jarrett, and therefore it is highly unlikely to happen. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.  

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