Chyna is a former American Wrestler, who performed in the WWE. However, due to controversial circumstances, she hasn’t been inside a WWE ring for many many years, and has had her ups and downs through life. Including drugs, as well as performing in pornographic films. She claims that she has turned her life around these days. However, there has been no sight of her at any WWE events, or even a hint at her being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Despite this, she is still a reasonably wealthy person. Chyna’s Net Worth is:

$1.5 million – Chyna Net Worth

Chyna was the first female to hold a non-female title (Intercontinental Title). This is likely because she was always billed as someone who could keep up with the men, and even beat them up if she felt like it. As well as the Intercontinental Title, Chyna held the Women’s Title Belt. In addition to this, she was also the first female to participate in the Royal Rumble, as well as the King of the Ring event.

Chyna has appeared in numerous films over the year (some not so family friendly, as mentioned before).

Chyna had a highly publicised, arguably rocky, relationship with fellow WWE performer, Sean Waltman. However, despite the fact that Sean Waltman also appeared in a pornographic film with Chyna, he has been allowed back to the WWE on numerous occasions, and appears all over the WWE Network. This is likely because he was in the klique with Triple H. In addition to the fact that Triple H does not like Chyna after physical abuse claims were made against him by Chyna.

Chyna was in a relationship with Triple H back in the late 90s, prior to his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. However, that is a topic for a completely different post on it’s own. A book could be written about the theories and happenings of the McMahon v Hunter v Chyna issues.

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