In most recent reports it is widely reported that Daniel Bryans’ net worth is over 2 million dollars, with earnings currently in excess of 650 thousand dollars a year this estimate is sure to increase.

Daniel Bryan has made a household name for himself and managed to successfully create the self-titled brand due to his popularity as a professional wrestler, and star of reality TV show ‘Total Divas’ where he stars alongside his partner Brie Bella.

Originally named Bryan Danielson and born in Washington Daniel Bryan took a healthy interest in wrestling as a young college student and promptly enrolled into the Texas Wrestling Academy. In the year 2000 Daniel quickly became an established figure within the sport winning his first professional championship. This championship title is where Daniel saw his opportunity as he was offered the chance to sign a contract for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

Since those early beginnings Daniel Bryans net worth has continued to climb year on year due to his outstanding achievements within the industry.

He continued to build his career and remained busy as he competed in the Memphis Championship Wrestling Organization, this is where he first attained the nickname “the American Dragon”. From there he moved onto the Japanese circuit to continue with his success.


Periods of success:


Daniel Bryan’s net worth continued to increase as his world championship titles continued to increase whilst wrestling at the Ring of Honor during this period of time. His earnings and popularity rose and he was able to command much larger fees for his efforts thus increasing his estimated earnings.


During this period Daniel Bryan took to the independent circuit to carry out his passion for wrestling right up to 2009 where he started his career with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment franchise). From this point on he became the wrestler we now know as Daniel Bryan as opposed to the ‘American Dragon’.

This period proved to be a difficult time in his life as Daniel Bryans net worth dropped when he was forced to leave the WWE and returned to the not so highly paid independent circuit. However this was short lived as he was soon invited back to wrestle with the World Wrestling Entertainment franchise, something that would continue to provide a steady income for him and his wrestling career.

One of his currently most well-known ventures is that of the ‘Team Hell No’ wrestling team and this is highly considered to be an extremely lucrative source of income contributing to Daniel Bryans current overall net wealth.

In conclusion Daniel Bryan is set to be around on our screens for some time yet as he develops and markets his brand, this will inevitably in time increase his earnings to an estimated 3 million dollars in a very short period.