We made a blog post a few months back about how we felt that Dean Ambrose deserved a push due to his stellar in ring work and general like ability factor.

He had a couple of matches for the title, and then seems to have been unceremoniously dropped from title contention as soon as Brock Lesnar came back.

We love Brock Lesnar here. However, the fact that he’s so unbeatable is stopping some really quality superstars from getting the opportunity to grab the title.

Perhaps we are putting too much emphasis on the fact that “you’re not a star until you’re the champion”. At the end of the day Randy Orton is still a huge draw, and he’s still floundering around the mid card not doing very much. Occasionally popping into town to lay a few RKOs out of nowhere, and that’s about all he does.

Another star we feel deserves a push, which were surprised to say, is Roman Reigns. He is our stand out performer for the year. He has been involved in some of the best pay per view matches of the year so far since his stand out performance at Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar. Considering he’s really been pushing against the general views of the WWE Universe, we think he’s been doing great.

He managed to pull a very good match out of the bag against the ageing Big Show. If you can have a good match with him, you must have some talent in the ring.

The WWE Creative Team don’t seem to know what they’re doing currently. They seem to be glued to Brock Lesnar’s backside, and sticking to this rather stale Seth Rollins Feat. The Authority story line. It’s just making Seth Rollins look incredibly weak and annoying.

Surely were not the only ones who have gone from liking Seth Rollins to thinking he’s just a whining little pussy cat.

Let us know what you think of the current situation going on in the WWE. What changes would you make of you were a part of WWE Creative.