Dean Ambrose is kind of in the middle of nowhere right now, which is unfortunate. He had a good match with Luke Harper at Extreme Rules, and it wasn’t really made clear whether that feud will be continuing or not. To be honest, even if it did, it isn’t going to push Ambrose particularly far. He needs to feud someone who has the potential to elevate him more.

The fact that Dolph Ziggler essentially cost Dean Ambrose the chance to win the King of the Ring could be a cause for the start of a new feud. However, the interview he gave afterwards with Renee Young makes it seem as though that is off the cards.



Dean Ambrose is a GREAT talent. He’s interesting to watch in and out of the ring, and actually seems to have some personality, which unfortunately Roman Reigns seems to lack a bit of.

Ambrose isn’t really in possible WWE Championship territory, and I doubt he will be for some time (if ever!). However, I feel as though the WWE really need to make something with him sooner rather than later. He’s had some good matches recently, and he’s pretty popular with the WWE Universe.

What do you think the WWE could do with Dean Ambrose to boost him up a bit?

dean ambrose needs to be pushed by the wwe

Ambrose is definitely a bit of a loose cannon character, which is great. There’s plenty of entertainment, and it keeps the fans on their toes. I would loosely compare him to a Stone Cold Steve Austin, in the sense that you just didn’t know what was coming next, with the added extra of great humour.

If the WWE can keep Dean Ambrose going in the same direction he’s going currently, just with a little added push up the PPV standings, then maybe we will be seeing Dean go for a title shot sooner rather than later.

If Daniel Bryan’s injury really is as bad as it seems, and perhaps he has to drop the Intercontinental Title, then Dean Ambrose should definitely be in the running for it again.

This YouTube video just shows how great the little segments are with Ambrose, which we definitely want to see more of. Although I keep discussing the humour of Dean Ambrose, I definitely shouldn’t get away from the fact he’s entertaining in the ring as well, and as Extreme Rules showed, he’s definitely not scared to take a bump or two, which is always good television at the end of the day.

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