I was reading some posts online recently which were venting their views about Ryback, and how they feel as though he is treated badly by the WWE. Ryback will be facing up against Kalisto this Sunday at Payback, for the US Title…again

I feel as though Ryback is one of those people you either really like, or can’t stand. Or perhaps there’s a third category of irrelevance. I think he falls into the category of irrelevance for me. I don’t dislike him, I don’t like him, he’s just not particularly interesting to watch. I think he’s just a bit of a bumbling roid head who is portrayed as a bit of an idiot.

It could be argued that Ryback is purely a result of bad booking and terrible WWE creative moves. Some have also argued that the current situation that Ryback is in, is the result of John Cena burying him back in 2012.


ryback push

Ryback pre outfit change


It has been stated quite publicly that Ryback isn’t happy with his current position within the company. Whether we’re likely to see a change is doubtful. Honestly, I’d be incredibly surprised if he beat Kalisto for the US Championship this weekend at Payback. His initial run with the Intercontinental Championship wasn’t anything impressive, so I don’t see why they would give him the US Championship.

The problem is, Ryback’s career is starting to enter that stage where unless something drastic happens, then it is unlikely he will ever manage to make a significant comeback. He has slowly transitioned into becoming a bit of a joke act. It doesn’t help that he now seems to be channeling some sort of mockery of Goldberg. Let’s face it, he’s just a spear finishing move away from being a bulkier version of Goldberg in his hayday.

So, do we feel as though Ryback deserves a push? Yes, and no. We don’t feel as though pushing him would be effective, and we don’t feel as though the viewership of WWE will invest their interest in him. He deserves it. But it makes no logical sense for interesting TV.

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