Speculation is that Dolph Ziggler may be leaving the WWE at the end of his contract…


Dolph Ziggler’s Contract is Ending

As stated above, Dolph Ziggler’s contract is coming to an end, and insiders are saying that he doesn’t want to renew it because he feels he isn’t getting the push that he deserves. Dolph Ziggler’s contract runs out in mere months, and he is yet to sign a new one. However, my thoughts are, what would he do if he left the WWE.

Realistically, he’s unlikely to get a great wage in any of the other wrestling organisations, as none of them even come close to the size of the WWE. That is assuming that money is even an issue for Dolph Ziggler. Perhaps he just enjoys the act of wrestling.

He has made it clear that his issue is with his lack of push in the WWE. Which is fair enough. He’s pulled out some great performances this year, unfortunately, those performances have been against boring mid card wrestlers, such as King Barrett.


Current Feud with  Rusev

If you’re currently watching the WWE, you’ll know that there is a rather boring feud between Dolph Ziggler and Lana, and Rusev and Summer Rae. If anything, the cat fights between Summer Rae and Lana are the highlights of this feud.

In my mind, it looks like the WWE are trying to raise the stature of Dolph Ziggler without over pushing him and having a situation like they had with Roman Reigns. However, at the same time, they need to try and keep Dolph happy. He evidently feels as though he deserves more for the work he has been putting in. I mean, I’d argue that he’s kind of right, seeing as he hasn’t even been in title contention since the ladder match at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship.


How To Push Dolph Ziggler

This is a tough one, because it is very hard to push a wrestler from the mid card to the upper card without making it seem like he’s the favourite, or he is being over pushed.

I don’t think his feud with Rusev is really going anywhere, so the sooner that ends, the better.

With Seth Rollins currently sitting as both Heavyweight Champion and US Champion, it doesn’t leave much room for putting a mid tier wrestler into the title contention picture.

I like Ryback as Intercontinental Champion, so I wouldn’t change that. I also don’t think the Intercontinental Championship would be enough for Dolph.

I think a feud against the authority, leading to a match against Seth Rollins for the US Championship might be a good idea. It would put Seth Rollins on the back foot for once, as he won’t be the underdog, it would be Ziggler. Then have Ziggler come out as a surprising winner (The crowd will expect Rollins to win). However, this would only work if it was for the US Championship only (not the Heavyweight). I don’t think Ziggler is ready to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship as of yet. Therefore, I think the US Title would be a good stepping stone for him.


Would you be upset to see Dolph Ziggler Leave WWE?

After reading everything we’ve put forward. The possibilities, the reality that his contract is ending, and the potential for the future….what would you do with Dolph Ziggler if you were booking him? Do you think he deserves a title shot? Or do you think he’s just being stroppy, and needs to just get on with work and keep his mouth shut? Let us know in the comment section below, and we will add our opinion to the conversation.