It should be noted that I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this PPV, and to be honest, I wasn’t that excited for it during the build up. However, I was surprised by certain aspects, and there were glimmers of hope throughout. However, they were unfortunately soiled on by the absolutely dire displays elsewhere. Oddly, the matches I expected to be duds turned out to be reasonably good, with the exception of the Russian Chain Match, which I expected to be awful, and it exceeded my expectations.

So, you can see my ratings above, but I’ll now go into detail on why I’ve given each match their corresponding rating.


Dean Ambrose (W) v Luke Harper – Score 7/10

To be honest, I’m being a ‘little’ overly nice about this match, and a lot of the other higher rated matches on this PPV, just because I felt bad for giving it such a poor overall rating. However, I’d say this match was either top or joint top of the night. It was a bit of a shame that they couldn’t have followed Ambrose and Harper when they shot off in the car, and it felt a bit silly. Let’s face it, there was a 40-odd minute break between them leaving the arena, and coming back. If there were two wrestlers fighting in a ring for 40 minutes, they wouldn’t be still full of energy, whacking each other and jumping off cars. So, it felt a bit unrealistic, and like Ambrose and Harper had just gone off to a local Burger King for a quick break from the PPV.

However, the overall match, ignoring the break, was reminiscent of old-school backstage action, which I feel we haven’t seen much of due to the PG-Era. Brings me back to the hardcore championship days (bring that back!).

I’m definitely starting to like Ambrose a lot more. However, Luke Harper is still a bit iffy with me. Maybe it’s just the fact I’m disgusted by how dirty he looks. Or being British I can’t ‘connect’ with the whole hillbilly type gimmick he’s got going on. I’m not sure. It’s sort of the same idea with Bray Wyatt. Anyway, let’s not get off track.

Overall a good starter to the evening! Probably should have been further up the card if I’m honest. Was better than Cena’s match. Then again, a poke with a sharp stick was better than that.

Dolph Ziggler (W) vs Sheamus – Score 5/10

I think I was more entertained by watching American’s say “Arse” repeatedly.

JoJo was looking VERY good as an announcer. I’m swaying on whether I’d prefer her as a wrestler or announcer. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of the Diva Division anyway, and she’s not so polarising that it would cause me to change my decision. Bring her up to WWE more often over NXT though!

Anyway, onto the match!

Going into this match, I’ve come to like Ziggler a lot more. Possibly it’s been since the ladder match at Wrestlemania. Sheamus is ‘OK’. I’m not a massive fan, but I don’t dislike him either. I think he can be a bit boring and drone on a bit too much in his segments. Good wrestler, bit boring on the mic. However, that’s my own opinion.

The match was nothing special overall, it has to be said. The whole “Kiss Me Arse” gimmick was a little silly as well. While Sheamus lost the match, it was actually Ziggler who ended up kissing Sheamus’ “Arse”.

Should be noted that Ziggler won by the most awful roll-up pin ever. Seemed like he failed to hook Sheamus’ second leg, which just made it seem incredibly unlikely that Sheamus wouldn’t kick out.

The whole palaver after the match in regards to who was kissing who’s arse, was just annoying. It went on FAR too long. It was getting to the stage where I no longer cared. Just move onto the next match!

A very average match overall. I wouldn’t be rushing back to the WWE Network to rewatch it. Generally very forgetable.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs Big E & Kofi Kingston (W) – Score 6/10

extreme rules 2015 review

Am I the only one who’s starting the like the New Day gimmick? The sort of heels which don’t even realise they’re heels. Or at least fail to admit it. However, I should state that going into this match Cesaro and Kidd were my favourites. Possibly due to watching Total Divas so often that I’ve grown a connection to Kidd and Natalya. Did I mention Natalya looked hot? She always does…does it need to be mentioned?

New Day won via a bit of a distraction and ruckus outside the ring. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch in the coming weeks, or perhaps at Payback, as I would say that they didn’t lose the titles ‘fairly’. Or rather, it wasn’t a straightforward win without complaints.

The Tag Division is definitely getting more attention from me as of late. The Mid-Carders and Tag Teams are holding their own in a top-tier which seems to be struggling.

John Cena (W) vs Rusev – Score 1/10 (lower if I could!)

I’m not a fan of John Cena’s and I’m not a fan of Rusev’s, so this match was never going to go down well in my books. Then add possibly one of the most boring and stupid match-types into the equation, and the end result was catastrophic.

I’m not even going to write much about this, it was that bad.

My main complaint was. My understanding was that the ‘lights’ reset when fighting happened. IE – If Rusev had 3 lights, but then had an altercation with Cena again, the lights would go off. So, why at the end, when they both had 3 lights on, Cena AA’s Rusev, and hits the 4th button for the win, did the lights not reset? That made no sense to me. Surely the fact that he used the AA would mean the lights would reset? If I’m wrong on this, please feel free to correct me.

Nikki Bella (W) vs Naomi – Score 4/10

I love Nikki on Total Divas. In the ring, not so much. Other than getting to ogle over her amble backside, there’s very little to gain from ┬áher matches. I was also taking a stand against this match due to the removal of Paige (who’s my favourite Diva currently on the main roster) from the card.

I would much rather see Paige take the title and sort of ‘replace’ AJ Lee as that ‘different’ Diva. That’s just my opinion after all. But I feel Paige brings and interesting twist to the Diva’s division. Sort of like a less high flying Lita.

Roman Reigns (W) vs Big Show – Score 7.5/10

extreme rules 2015 review

This was a surprise.

I’m not a Big Show fan. I find he’s too slow, and a bit boring to watch. I’m also not a massive Roman Reigns fan. However, they both complimented each other’s negatives quite well. The finish to the match was great, and Roman seems to be gaining some fan appreciation, which is surprising considering back to the lead up to Wrestlemania people could do nothing but complain about how much they hated him. The WWE has been clever with Reigns’ progression. He’s no doubt going to be a future title contender, but I feel it should be held off for another year, so he has the opportunity to grow his mic skills.

I think this match has to be given some ‘bonus points’ for the pure and simple fact that they managed to make a Big Show match interesting. Also, Reigns’ has managed to be in the “Show Stealer” for two PPVs in a row, in my opinion. Which is obviously good for his progression.

There were plenty of table breakages and even what can only be described as carnage at the commentators tables. So, overall I was very pleased with this match. No complaints really. However, please WWE, end this stupid rivalry. The Big Show is just boring, and won’t aid Roman Reigns in any way into the future. Don’t make it another Rusev/Cena escapade!

Main Event of Extreme Rules –┬áSeth Rollins (W) vs Randy Orton – Score 3/10

I was really looking forward to this match. I’m a big Randy Orton fan. I was a bit gutted that the RKO was banned. It seemed a little silly that they’d get rid of Randy’s main party piece. Let’s face it, everyone loves seeing an RKO. But I suppose we saw plenty on RAW the previous week.

I’m not sure what to make of Rollins’ push if I’m honest. They seem to make him the guy that gets out by the skin of his teeth, either via pure luck, or help from someone else.

I’m just waiting for Brock Lesnar to come back and absolutely destroy him. Sooner rather than later please!

The match overall just involved a lot of dragging Rollins off the cage. Although there was one spot, where Orton superplexed Rollins off the top of the cage which was quite nice. However, other than that, there weren’t very many ‘wow moments’.

The match seemed to surround the whole “What will Kane do” idea too much. It took away from the match. Which is my problem with Rollins. All his matches seem to be ‘too much’. He can’t just have a simple win, in a simple match, without someone interrupting, or something happening.

Overall Score of 2015 Extreme Rules – 4.8/10 – Poor…very poor!

I’m not taking into consideration the Ryback/BoDallas situation, or the pre-event match between BNB and Neville. However, I might do a write up of those if I find the time. I hope you found this Extreme Rules 2015 review helpful. I’ll be making plenty more in the future, and perhaps some look-backs into past PPVs!