We made a post a while ago about the possibility of Finn Balor moving to the main roster. You can read that post here. However, Finn Balor recently lost the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe. Therefore, the NXT universe is rife with rumours that Finn Balor will be heading up to the main roster imminently.

There seem to be two main rumours which are whizzing around the internet:

  1. He will appear at PayBack to intervene in the title match with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Formation of ‘Bullet Club’)
  2. He will appear at Monday Night RAW this coming week

Now, we think it is indeed likely that Balor will be heading to the main roster, and it is likely to have some sort of story line with Gallows and Anderson. It seems like too much of a coincidence that he has dropped the title, just as they’ve made their entrance to the roster, considering their previous history in Japan with Bullet Club.

Bullet club finn baler

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows

We think Balor is going to be hugely popular when he finally makes his debut onto RAW. He has been the face of NXT for a while now, and there is no doubt that he is well renowned even outside NXT. He has the potential to be a headline act very quickly. We’re just hoping that WWE creative does a good job with the storyline he is involved with. Assuming we go down a Bullet Club style group. They cannot book that group like they have booked the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt’s are almost officially dead. They have pretty much zero credibility anymore.

The way I see it is, there is potential for a Bullet Club to be created, and then The Shield will reform at some stage, which will lead to a Bullet Club vs The Shield. This is two things which the WWE Universe definitely want to see. Perhaps it will be a way for Roman Reigns to finally become popular?! (We’re joking…that will never happen! BOOOO ROMAN!)