Popularity of Heath Slater

Heath Slater has been incredibly popular as of late since the Brand Split. The ‘free agent’ gimmick he played was great entertainment. However, now that Heath Slater has officially got himself a contract, and he’s the tag team champion alongside Rhyno, will his popularity run out?

It is hard to accurately guess whether Heath Slater will be big in the WWE or not. The issue that I see arising is in the fact that Slater is a bit of a comedy gimmick. History shows that primarily comedy gimmicks don’t tend to reach the insane heights of your Stone Cold’s or John Cena’s. The only relatively comparable superstar would be The Rock, who was no doubt hilarious. But he wasn’t anywhere near as corny of gimmicky as Heath Slater is. Plus, while The Rock would make plenty of jokes, he was also big and could “Lay the smacketh down!”, so to speak. That’s not to say that Heath Slater isn’t a good wrestler. But could you really imagine Heath Slater, realistically, matching up with Roman Reigns, or Kevin Owens or even Brock Lesnar?! That would be a bit like, I don’t know, Spike Dudley demolishing The Rock. It would make no logical sense.

Therefore, while I think Heath Slater will continue to be popular. I don’t think he has any main event potential, in the near or distant future. I think the pinnacle for Heath is maybe an IC Title or US Title run (depending on which brand he’s on in the future). It would be good to see Heath and Rhyno stick it out with the Tag Team Titles for a reasonable length of time. However, I doubt they will have them for any longer than 3/4 months.

It would be interesting to see what you guys think about this though? After all, it is a surprise to us all that Heath Slater isn’t even a jobber right now, let alone a title holder. So, what do you think is in the future for Heath? Will he surprise us all and become a top-tier champion in the next few years? Let us know in the comment section below.