I would imagine the WWE are currently panicking about what they may have to do with Daniel Bryan. They’re facing the very real possibility that he may have to retire from ring action.

However, they would be absolutely moronic to simply let Daniel Bryan just walk away. With his popularity they should definitely relocate him somewhere else. However, what would be the best options for Daniel Bryan?

His personality and the pure and simple popularity of the “yes movement” will allow him to be popular, even if he isn’t strapping on the wrestling boots.

Bryan recently vacated the Intercontinental Title live on RAW, explaining that he felt the WWE Universe deserved a title holder who could defend it regularly (*cough* Brock Lesnar).

So, realistically, where could the WWE harness Daniel Bryan’s skills without him potentially putting his health at risk?

General Manager

This would be similar to the situation when Shawn Michaels back injury meant he couldn’t fight. Therefore the WWF at the time put him into the general manager or commissioner position. This led to plenty of entertaining TV segments. While Daniel Bryan doesn’t quite have the comedic value that Michaels has. It would definitely be something we would like to see.

The main issue with this storyline is the authority. It just wouldn’t make any sense to have his enemies in charge of the WWE while he is the manager of Smackdown for example. However, perhaps they could run a storyline where Daniel Bryan ousts the current Authority, and becomes the new, more lenient, authority.

There hasn’t been a good general manager in a while, so it is definitely something we would like to see and I’m sure the WWE is willing to do some reshuffling to enable Bryan to do so.

Let us know what you think of this situation, and whether or not you’d like to see Daniel Bryan as the General Manager of Smackdown.