There are many ways to work your way into a wrestling career and eventually become a professional wrestler. These methods have changed over the years, and arguably it is harder than ever to become a professional wrestler. However, throughout this post I will discuss ways you can work your way in, and ways which the professionals (who have already done it) recommend you get yourself into the business.

Views of the Pros

Brutus Beefcake states that he wouldn’t recommend even trying to become a professional wrestler unless it’s something that you really really yearn for. Only attempt to do it if it is your biggest dream, and nothing else would match. This is because he believes that it is almost impossible to get into the wrestling business unless you know the right guy, or unless your family member is already in the business. That’s kind of hard to argue when you think of how many of today’s newer wrestlers are in the business along with family members, or their family members have been in the business in the past. The Uso’s (Rikishi’s Kids), Roman Reigns (The Rock’s Cousin), Stardust (Golddust’s Brother & Dusty Rhodes’ Son). The list probably goes on, but those are the main ones which pop into my head straight away. However, there are definitely some big wrestlers who have zero affiliation to the business, and worked their way up the hard way.

Chris Jericho has the complete opposite view. While he admits it isn’t easy, he recommends you push for your dreams. Comparing it to any other difficult profession, such as becoming an actor or musician. Just keep pushing to achieve what you want, and make sure you work for it, as it isn’t an easy task.


Join a Wrestling School

There is the option to join a wrestling schooling programme, where you will be taught the ropes (no pun intended) which may eventually lead to you getting signed. One option would be the Ring of Honor School (RoH). Cary Silkin, who is the owner of Ring of Honor says that they have many pricing options available for students who wish to join their school and learn to become a professional wrestler. This means that no matter what your financial background, you may well be able to join up with the Ring of Honor school, and learn a thing or two.

Living in your car

Diamond Dallas Paige (DDP) asks kids whether or not they’re willing to live in their car, and/or drive 500 miles to work a show for a $25 pay cheque. If not. This isn’t the business for them. He discusses how Edge and Christian are prime examples of that, and how tough work and perseverance meant they are now some of the most memorable wrestlers of all time in the WWE.

If you want to become a wrestler because you want the glory and you want to become rich, this isn’t the route for you, because 99.9% of aspiring wrestlers will be on the independent circuit for the rest of their career, and won’t make it into the ‘big time’. There are 1000 NFL stars drafted, there are 500 NBA stars drafted….but there are only 120 professional WWE superstars contracted at any one time. Put that into perspective for you. It is literally easier to become an NFL superstar, than it is to become a WWE Superstar.

Have a backup plan

Every single professional wrestler who was spoken to for their advice went on to say how you should focus on an education first and foremost. Because, at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work out, you’ll want a backup plan. You’ll want a degree to fall back on.

At the end of the day, if you want to become a professional wrestler. Whether it be in the WWE, Ring of Honor, or even just stick to the Independent Circuit. You’re going to have a hard time. If you’re not willing to work that hard. Then get a ‘normal job’.