I’ve been hearing pitter patters of news in regards to Hulk Hogan wanting a ‘retirement match’ at next year’s WrestleMania. Now…I’ve mentioned the fact I dislike Hulk Hogan before. However, I don’t think there is a soul on this planet who would think that having Hulk Hogan actually have a full-on 1v1 wrestling match at his age is a good idea.

First of all, there’s the pure and simple fact that whoever he would be wrestling would have the enormous task of making Hogan look like he’s not a frail old man that moves at the speed of a snail.

I mean let’s face it, Hulk Hogan isn’t exactly the most enticing wrestler in the world. Yeah, he used to be able to draw in a crowd, but honestly, he was just the right guy at the right time. If a ‘Hulk Hogan’ came into the scene on today’s roster (and ‘todays’ isn’t even the strongest it has been), he would be lucky to make the mid-card.

Secondly, how on earth is Vince going to get the insurance for that?! Seriously. The chances of Hulk Hogan doing a leg drop and snapping in half are reasonably high, haha. No insurance company is going to want to take a gamble on whether or not he’s going to get injured from that match.

However. This is a BIG however. There’s no doubt that Hogan would be a crowd draw. Mainly from outside the normal WWE circle. Everyone knows who he is. Albeit, he isn’t quite as relevant as when his Hogan Knows Best tv series (and spin offs) were on. However, my point is, I think Vince McMahon knows that if he were to bring Hulk Hogan in for one last match, it could be something which could bring in the crowds to fill up the massive arena for next year.

Who would Hogan match up against at WrestleMania 32?

This is a tough question. It would have to be someone relatively young to make the match look at least a little exciting, and also be someone who doesn’t mind being put down by an old man. As let’s face it…Hogan’s ego wouldn’t let him lose his retirement match.

The down side of making it Hogan vs <someone young> would mean that it is a bit unrealistic and unbelievable that Hogan would be able to win.

On the other side, if he were to be put up against a fellow ‘legend’ then the match may be incredibly slow and boring. This wouldn’t be a wrestling match. It would have to be a match based purely on crowd interaction and charisma. So…if they were to go down this route, who would be the options?

I feel as though another Rock fight would just be a repeat, so I’m throwing that off the cards. Bringing Stone Cold back could be an option, and there’s been rumors, but I honestly think it is a bit unlikely. Also, I highly doubt that Stone Cold would want to lose on a match back either.

I really am struggling to think of someone who could make the match entertaining AND be willing to lose to Hulk Hogan.

Therefore, I am thereby concluding that this diabolical idea should not happen, and Mr Hogan should resign himself to his walking stick and saggy man-boobs in peace and quiet. One does not want to see his leather hide saggy skin on my TV any time soon!

What do you think about Hulk Hogan performing at Wrestlemania 32? Do you want it to happen? Who should he go up against? Let me know!