Here’s a new WhatWrestling regular post, where we will be putting forward the latest news in WWE and Wrestling in general. We will discuss various different stories and give our views upon them.

The main story for today is the arrest of WWE Superstar, Adam Rose. However, before we go into that further, we have an update for you about the latest returns to the ring due to the string of injuries WWE has had to deal with.


Cena, Rollins and More! Returning Soon!

The WWE finally seems to be getting over that speed bump of injuries which they experienced towards the end of 2015, with various key superstars set to return imminently. According to PWInsider, the next month or so will see the return of a number of key superstars. This is likely to bring a much needed jolt of ‘star power’ to the WWE roster. We never thought we would say that we would miss John Cena.

John Cena’s return to television has already been confirmed. We saw him appear at Wrestlemania. However, this is his more concrete return to TV. Cena will be returning on the 30th of May episode of RAW. John Cena is expected to be the first of the wrestlers back.

Next up in the expected return to WWE, is Seth Rollins. He is set to return in early June. He has been cleared to return to the ring after a serious knee injury in November of 2015. The only reason he isn’t returning to the ring sooner is because he is busy filming one of those wonderful WWE exclusive movies. We’re definitely expecting a huge pop for the return of Seth Rollins, and wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes one of the roster’s biggest babyfaces upon his return.

We’ve not seen Bray Wyatt for a while, have we? That’s because he was injured at the start of WWE’s european tour. He is expected to return to our screens within the next 30 days, although a little bit longer is expected for him to return to the ring. PWInsider are suggesting that Bray Wyatt will spend a few weeks cutting promos before he returns to the ring.

On the end of our list of injured superstars is, Randy Orton. Who is said to be being pushed back slightly due to a slower recovery time than expected. Orion was originally scheduled to return in May. However, that is now more realistically going to be late June or July. He is expected to begin training for his in-ring return in mid-June.


Cena vs Nakamura Announcement

There is potential here for another ‘Network Special’ for the WWE Network. Cast your minds back to last year’s “Beast in the East” event, which pretty much surrounded Brock Lesnar. However also had a great Finn Balor match. Well, we suspect that this event in Hawaii is going to be 2016’s equivalent. This is going to happen on the 29th of June, so set that date in your calendar. There are some interesting matches which have been announced.

We have the WWE vs NXT women’s champions facing off with Charlotte facing up against Asuka. But we also have poster boy of the WWE, John Cena, taking on latest poster boy of NXT, Shinsuke Nakamura.

Possibly the match we are looking forward to most will be Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens. That has the potential to be a great match. Although we don’t want to see Brock man-handle Kevin Owens with a million German Suplexes. We think if there’s anyone who can give Lesnar a run for his money, it will be Kevin Owens.

With matches like these (arguably a better lineup than WrestleMania…), it is no surprise that the WWE in Hawaii event is already sold out.


Adam Rose Arrested

So, our headline story for this round of news is the arrest of WWE Superstar, Adam Rose. Last month we saw that Adam Rose had been suspended by the WWE due to a second violation in the Welness Policy. However, this story has taken a shocking turn as we have seen that Adam Rose (real name Raymond Leppan) has been arrested on a count of Domestic Violence and Tampering with a Witness. This of course will not be a good sign for Rose’s future career in the WWE. In fact, the WWE has acted reasonably quickly on their response to the news:

WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Raymond Leppan has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.


adam rose mug shot arrested



Ending on a Positive

So, after the bad news involving Adam Rose, let’s end on a positive. Let us know below what match you’re looking forward to most with the WWE event in Hawaii.