It’s the day after WWE Payback 2015, and there was no sight or mention of the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Luckily the main event fatal 4 way was quite entertaining, and therefore didn’t require his presence to spice up the event. However, it’s starting to get us thinking on when he is actually going to come back onto our screens.

At this rate, Daniel Bryan will be back in action before Lesnar is.

Our theory is that he will come back for a match against Rollins at Summerslam. As mentioned in our review of Payback 2015, we discussed the possibility of a limited Shield return at Summerslam, where Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would enter the match to help Rollins with the victory over Brock Lesnar. My only issue with our theory is that I find it unlikely that Roman Reigns would be willing to help Rollins, considering it was Rollins who interrupted his match at Wrestlemania to cost him the chance to win the title.

However, this is the WWE, and literally anything could happen.

I would expect to see Brock Lesnar appearing on RAW now and then leading up to Summerslam, and then an eventual announcement that he will be in a match.

So, is Brock Lesnar returning at Summerslam? We’re not sure. However, our money is on it happening, with a twist. As, let’s be honest here, it would completely ruin Brock Lesnar’s credibility if Seth Rollins actually managed to legitimately beat him in a match, as he hasn’t been able to at all recently.

Cast your minds back. When was the last time Seth Rollins one a match which didn’t involve help from someone from the Authority? Yeah, I can’t remember either.

Regardless, assuming this match happens, we just can’t wait for Brock Lesnar to finally return, as he’s a big of attitude that the WWE needs on it’s Pay Per Views at the moment.

Let us know what you think about Brock Lesnar returning at Summerslam in the comment section below.