will masked kane return

Our last post discussed the theory that Kane will return at Summerslam to help The Undertaker beat Brock Lesnar. Or, more accurately, Kane will return at Summerslam to get revenge on Brock Lesnar for injuring him in the first place. Of course, as mentioned in the previous post, the injury was just kayfabe so that Kane could go and do some filming. However, this is the perfect scenario for him to return.

Masked Kane

When you think of Kane, you likely think of masked Kane. The original Kane. The big red machine, Kane. Arguably, the most popular Kane. We haven’t seen masked Kane for a while now. The question is, are we likely to see him again before Kane retires?

It would make sense if Kane were to go back to being masked, that it would be as part of his final push, his last hurrah, if you will. It will be a case of giving the fans what they want before he leaves the squared circle for good.

I would imagine that when Kane retires, he will get a permanent place behind the scenes. Whether it be as a trainer, as a commentator, or something else. He is well known to be an incredibly intelligent man, and the fact that Vince McMahon has kept him around for so long is a testament to how much Vince likes him.

When will Masked Kane Return?

It is hard to tell. Potentially, he could return as masked Kane at Summerslam. However, I don’t see Kane retiring that soon, as he really does ‘still have it’. He just needs to be rejuvenated by WWE Creative. I would guess that if he were to return as Masked Kane, then it would be in his last year at the WWE.

It would be great to see him come down to the ring as the big red machine at Summerslam though.

When would you like to see Masked Kane return to the WWE? At Summerslam? Let us know in the comment section below.