Night of Champions is rapidly approaching, and one of the main questions we have on our mind is whether or not Sting is likely to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins.

We’re in a bit of a limbo on whether or not it is likely to go that way.

On one hand, it doesn’t really make much logical sense for an old man (no matter how much of a legend he is) to be beaten by a young high flyer such as Seth Rollins.

However, on the other hand, the WWE can’t let Sting lose for a second time in a row on such a big stage. You can’t bring a legend like Sting into the company, and then turn him into a jobber.


What we think will happen at Night of Champions

I know it is our theory with a lot of matches at PPVs as of late. However, it is also the trick up their sleeve which WWE creative seem to use a lot.

I think that something will happen to cause both parties to neither win nor lose. Therefore not burying Sting, and at the same time, keeping Seth Rollins’ winning streak in-tact.

Do I think Sting could be WWE Heavyweight champion? It’s a possibility. However, I’m sure sure Sting is good enough anymore to carry to the distance. There’s also the factor that he doesn’t seem to show up that often. However, that could also be because WWE Creative doesn’t want him to. Maybe this whole storyline has been planned for months (I doubt it though…)


The Most Likely Option

The most likely option is that somehow Seth Rollins will retain the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

We all respect Sting, and think he was likely in the top 5 talents of the late 90s. However, this is 2015, realistically, I don’t think he can lead a company like he did in the 90s. We’re currently in the era of the young talent rising up. I would imagine that Sting understands exactly what his position in the WWE is. At the end of the day he wouldn’t have signed a contract with the WWE if he wasn’t 100% satisfied with what they were going to do with his character.

Perhaps Sting doesn’t mind being a jobber to help younger talent come up, you never know. Perhaps we will have to tweet him and find out!

What do you think? Will Sting beat Seth Rollins to become WWE Heavyweight Champion? Can’t wait for Night of Champions!

Sting defeat seth rollins to win wwe championship at night of champions