Surely I’m not the only one who’s had enough of the John Cena vs Rusev feud. I wasn’t particularly fussed about it at Wrestlemania if I’m honest, the only glimmer of hope being that John Cena wouldn’t win, and Rusev would maintain his unbeaten record. However, as we now know…that didn’t happen.

We’re now steadily approaching what could quite possibly be the third match in a row where John Cena beats Rusev. Now, I know the creative staff aren’t stupid enough to accidentally bury Rusev…surely?!

My only theory, which could be reasonably expected, is that they have simply decided the whole ‘Russian anti American’ gimmick has run its course, and they see completely burying Rusev as the only option. Only to bring him back under a new package later down the line. However, I’m not sure.

You never know! We may be surprised and it’ll be John Cena losing at Payback…although I find that unlikely if I’m honest.

I thought that the match at Extreme Rules was going to be the last we would hear from this, after that absolutely awful Russian chain match. Like, seriously…did ANYONE enjoy that?! They played it up to be Rusev’s homeground, and that he’d have a massive advantage over Cena. Yet Cena relatively easily beat him. My worry is that Rusev as a character is never going to be able to bounce back from this. They’ve made him look like he is so weak against John Cena.

The whole idea of John Cena’s character is that he is the underdog in every situation, and never gives up. Therefore the “I Quit!” match is very much John Cena’s homeground. However, whether or not they will flip that on it’s head and make Rusev win is something I can’t imagine happening.

At the end of the day, I don’t think either wrestler would come off unscathed if they were to lose this match. An “I Quit!” match puts them in a position where they are so weak they cannot continue. Therefore making the winner seem like they’ve totally dominated their opponent in every sense. Admittedly, John Cena would be able to come back from such a loss much better than Rusev would.

I just don’t understand the change that the WWE has made to Rusev. Just a few months ago he was billed as this completely unstoppable force, almost like a Russian Brock Lesnar. If it wasn’t for the case that Brock Lesnar was the Champion at the time, and the fact I doubt he’d want to stoop down to a mid-carder, there would be quite a good storyline in the mix of Rusev and Brock Lesnar…the two beasts. Plus there’s the fact that Paul Heyman could literally make a turd of a storyline seem at least bearable.

I think we can all agree. If Rusev loses, it’s just going to be a repeat of when Cena buried Bray Wyatt. Admittedly, I like the Wyatt character a lot more than the Rusev one.

Let me know your views, and what you think may happen at Payback between John Cena and Rusev.