We were really looking forward to the triple threat match between Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, and Tyler Breeze. However, Hideo Itami was brought out of the equation. Whether that was just to make the story more interesting, or my suspicion that Itami has a legitimate injury, and that was an interesting way to take him out of the match. I guess we will never know.

One thing I’m really loving about NXT, is the fact that it gives the performers the opportunity to have fun with their entrances. You don’t get anywhere near the amount of unique entrances on the WWE Roster as you do in NXT. While I’m not a fan of Tyler Breeze, you have to give the guy props. He owns his little gimmick he’s got going on. It could just be because Finn Balor is really over with us in the WhatWrestling office, and therefore anyone who’s up against Balor is just a heel to us.

Anyway, staying on the topic of Finn Balor. His entrance was awesome as always. He added some sort of wing/back spine addition, which I quite liked. It looked a little odd at first, but when you see the spines on the back, it doesn’t just look like some mini cape hes strapped around his neck.

The Finn Balor Paint was on form as usual. This time incorporating the “Eye of Balor” onto his back. We always love it here when the Finn Balor Paint comes out. It just adds something to the performance. Maybe it’s just us, but whenever the paint is on, Finn Balor matches seem to just be better.

In the end Balor walked away with the victory over Tyler Breeze, which means he is now the new #1 NXT Championship contender. Which makes the whole Samoa Joe situation interesting. My assumption is that Balor will lose against Kevin Owens, as otherwise they wouldn’t be able to have a title match against Samoa Joe. However, I highly doubt Joe would like to lose his first match in NXT, and they can’t have him win the NXT Championship in his first match either. Perhaps Kevin Owens will drop the title to Finn Balor, enabling him to be beaten by Samoa Joe.

I’d imagine that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be moving up to the main WWE Roster soon anyway, considering their recent appearances on RAW.