I decided to order my shoes from Muks, after a talking to several different sellers. I won’t mention any other seller’s names, as I want to keep the review specifically to the shoes and the seller I actually used, and more importantly, keep this review as unbiased as possible.

What I ordered: PK Factory Zebra (6th edition) Yeezy V2.0

Muk’s Website: here

Muk’s Skype: sunday3120

Ordering Process

As stated, I ordered my Zebras from Muks. I decided to go with Muks simply based on the fact that he seemed the most genuinely nice seller out of the 4 or 5 that I had spoken to. At the end of the day, they’re all providing the same product, so to me, it comes down to two factors. Price and Friendliness. I found some of the other sellers to be a little less accommodating than Muks. However, this can always be down to cultural/language differences. What comes across as blunt and rude to me, could simply be the language barrier.

Saying this, I have never found Muks to be rude, or blunt. He was always keen for chatting, and always answered any questions I had promptly and in plenty of detail. I never felt as though I was pestering him with questions.

You can have a look at Muks’ stock on his website. However, I would highly recommend chatting to him via Skype. He genuinely is a very friendly seller. For me, it was my first major Replica Purchase. So, I wanted it to go well, and had plenty of questions. However, I think I’m going to order a pair of UltraBoosts from his website soon. He appears to have an SSL Certificate on the site, which makes me slightly more confident on paying through the site. Saves me going through Western Union too.


QC Pics

I received the QC pics less than 24 hours after payment had been sent. A friend of mine had ordered from another seller, and the QC pics were nowhere near as quick! So I was pleasantly surprised. I would imagine that the speed of QC pics would highly depend on how busy the seller was at the time, as well as several other factors.

I’m not anything close to a Rep Expert, so I posted the QC pics up on the RepSneakers Reddit, and received several GLs (Green Lights). So, I let Muks know, and gave him my address.



It took just over 1 week for the Yeezy 2.0 Zebra PK 6 Replicas to arrive at my house in the UK. It should be noted that I went for the cheapest shipping option. If you choose DHL, it would be a lot quicker. I was expecting them to take up to a month! So once again, pleasantly surprised!

They arrived in perfect condition. They had been double boxed, and there was no damage to the Yeezy box whatsoever. There’s not much else to say here really. No complaints!


The PK 6 Zebra Yeezy v2.0

So….the shoes!

These shoes look and feel fantastic. I was honestly expected them to ‘feel’ a little cheaper than the real thing. Purely because I understand Replicas are often great at looking like the legit option from a distance, but in hand, they tend to feel a little poorer quality. However, not with these.

I would recommend going half a size up from what you normally wear. Even at half a size up, mine are ever so slightly too short (not enough to be uncomfortable, but I could do with a cm extra or two at the end of the shoe.

If you remove the hype about them being Yeezy’s, and just label them as a normal shoe. I’d still say it was 100% worth it. They’re genuinely the most comfortable shoes I own, and I have everything from legit NMDs to Jordans to Nike Flyknits.

I will not hesitate to order another pair in the future to expand my collection, and I will no doubt be going to Muks’ store again.


Overall Ratings:

  • Seller (Muks): 10/10 – Cannot fault the guy. Service and product was as described, and communication was 1:1!
  • Postage: 9.5/10 – It would be 10/10 if it was DHL and arrived quicker, even though my postage was surprisingly fast
  • PK’s 6th Zebra Yeezy: 9.5/10 – It’s still not 100% perfect. Nobody is ever going to actually be able to call you out based on seeing them on your feet. A high level expert may be able to tell in hand, but even then, they’d likely struggle. These reps are getting ridiculously good now!


My next order with Muks is probably going to be a pair of White UltraBoosts, as I want something to try some customising. I’ll be sure to post a review of any future purchases! Got a few reviews in the pipeline for some clothing I purchased too.