Ever since his days in The Shield, Roman Reigns has continued to maintain the same ring gear. The standard tactical vest style outfit has become associated with the wrestler, and is a large part of his gimmick. He is currently being pushed as the next ‘face’ of the WWE, and with good reason. He has shown to be able to carry good wrestling matches, and has the look. The only thing holding him back is his lack of confidence on the microphone. However, we believe with good practice, he will be able to improve, and become one of the biggest draws in the WWE.

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We’re coming up to summer time, which means we’re approaching peak party season. Perhaps you have a lot of fancy dress parties on the horizon. That’s why we’ve found this Roman Reigns inspired outfit which you can buy to wear to your next party. This Roman Reigns Costume comes equipped with Reigns’ iconic tactical vest, as well as his superman punch glove.

We have put together a list at the bottom of this page, including links to where you can purchase the items on Amazon. We’ve collated all the items we believe you would need to pull off a realistic Roman Reigns style Halloween Costume or General Party Outfit.


Roman Reigns Costume Colours

The outfit comes in various colour options, which seemed strange to us, as from memory, we’ve never seen Roman wearing a green version of his outfit. However, it could be used as an alternative for something different. Although, if we were you, we’d go with the classic black and gold tactic vest, which you will see Roman Reigns wear on a regular basis in the ring.


Roman Reigns Outfit Ideas

You could possibly combine the aforementioned Reigns Halloween Costume with a WWE Title Belt. We plan to write an article in the future on some good places to buy Replica WWE Belts. For now, you could buy a US Title Belt here. As a member of the shield, he also held the WWE Tag Team Championship. In addition to this, he has held the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Therefore you have a plentiful selection of belts to choose from to go with your outfit. All of these items will be included below.

We’re going to assume that you don’t have long black hair like Roman does. So, we would recommend picking up a black wig. We will include a link to a realistic style wig in the shopping list section at the bottom of this page.

One of the key features of ‘the big dog’, is that he has a very prominent tattoo. Obviously it is quite unique, and it is unlikely that you have a real version of it. We’re also going to assume that you don’t want to commit to getting a real tattoo just to dress up as him once! So, we’ve included a link to a fake tattoo sleeve which you can buy and wear under your tactical vest.

The rest of Roman Reigns’ Outfit is pretty simple. He wears heavy tactical boots and tactical style pants. We’ve also included a good source for these items below. While this outfit has been targeted towards adults and teenagers, it can easily be adjusted so that you can create a Roman Reigns Outfit for Kids.


Roman Reigns Costume Shopping List

We’ve compiled all the items mentioned in this post in a convenient shopping list below. All items are purchasable from Amazon.com

Thank you for visiting the page. We hope you find the items we have listed helpful, and good luck in creating your Roman Reigns Halloween Costumes! We’d love to see how you’ve put them together. We’ll include some images of what viewers have created below!


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