Are we the only ones who saw a middle finger pop up towards Rusev on Monday’s RAW?


On Monday’s WWE RAW, Sami Zayn and Rusev had a match. At the end of the match it resulted in Zayn walking away as the winner. Initially, as Zayn gets out of the ring, you can see Lana trying to chuck her heels at the Canadian Wrestler. We assume that this was all just kayfabe and nothing had happened.


However, then all of a sudden, we saw Zayn putting his middle fingers up in the direction of Rusev and Lana. Now, we’re not entirely sure who they were directed at. Whether Rusev did something during the match that Zayn wasn’t happy about, or whether it was directed at Lana for chucking the heels at him.


sami zayn rusev middle finger


Some reports, such as the one here, have stated that Zayn was actually putting up three fingers to indicate it was a three count, but the camera angle made it look like he was flipping Rusev the bird. However, we’re not entirely sure. We’ve seen the video playback, and it definitely looks like his middle finger.


Also, if you tuned into WWE’s YouTube channel this week to see their standard top 10 moments from RAW this week. You may notice that they conveniently cut that segment out of the playback. Whether this is just in place because WWE can realize what it looks like, and they don’t want it to look like something it isn’t, or whether Sami Zayn actually gave Rusev his middle finger….we’re not entirely sure. Maybe we will see some further reports in the coming weeks.


This reminds us of an event a few months back in which Mr McMahon was acting as a special referee. However, at one moment he decided to stick his middle finger up to the fans. He assumed it was during a commercial break. However quickly corrected himself as soon as he realized they were live.