I posted a few days ago discussing who would be the next superstar to make the transition from NXT, onto the main roster. My main contender was either Finn Balor, or Hideo Itami.

Well…it turns out I was completely wrong, as on RAW last night, Sami Zayn came down to the ring to face off against John Cena in the US Championship open challenge.

Not only was Sami Zayn on RAW, but he was introduced by none other than the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be…Bret Hart.

bret hart introduces sami zayn to raw

It was only fitting that RAW was in Sami Zayn’s home town of Montreal. Now, unfortunately Sami didn’t win the fight. However, did we really expect him to come into his first main roster event and take the title from John Cena? Perhaps a less ‘qualified’ Champ would have made that believable, but this is John Cena.

However, regardless of not winning the match he managed to put on an incredibly entertaining one. I was incredibly impressed by his dive through the corner ropes into a DDT. You really have to see it to know what I’m talking about, so I’ll embed the YouTube video uploaded by WWE of the highlights of the match.

The ending to the match wasn’t great, and it was a bit sudden. However, overall it was a great match.

In a side note of news, apparently Sami injured his shoulder in the match and is actually taking part in an MRI scan to assess the damage which he might have taken during the match. Hopefully we will have an update on that in the coming days.

…the WWE really aren’t having much luck with injuries as of late, are they?

So. Let me know what you thought of the match of Sami Zayn against John Cena. Do you think Sami is going to be permanently in the main roster now, or do you think the WWE just did that purely for a ‘pop’ in his home town?

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