The Seth Rollins theme isn’t anything spectacular. I’ll happily admit that it isn’t one that I pay particular attention to. However, it is growing on me. It isn’t one that will stick in your head, such as Randy Orton’s Theme. However, I feel like it has the right effect to match the character. If the Seth Rollins theme was a catchy ‘song’, with lyrics etc, I don’t feel as though it would match his persona as much.

The Seth Rollins theme is called “The Second Coming”. It reminds me of a Killswitch Engage song in some respects, just without any singing on top. Very similar drum beat and guitar riffing. The main downside I see to the theme is that it is incredibly repetitive. The song is essentially about 20-30 seconds of a song, which is then just looped over and over again. This means that when Seth Rollins’ music is played for any significant period of time on RAW or Smackdown, it can get a little annoying. In fact, I’m playing the song which I will embed at the bottom of this page while I write this post, and I had to stop writing to pause it, because it literally is just a looped 20 second track, which is incredibly annoying after a while.

What do you think of the theme song? Do you think it matches Seth Rollins’ personality? Should he perhaps change the theme song? What would you recommend?

Here’s a question for you. If you were a WWE Superstar, what music would you use to come down to the ring with? What style of song would you use? A ‘jingle’ like the Seth Rollins Theme, or perhaps an actual song, like Randy Orton or “I am a Real American” which Hulk Hogan would come down to the ring to (Very Catchy!). Let us know in the comment section below.

The Second Coming was composed by CFO$.