We’ve just been told an intriguing theory which concludes that Shinsuke Nakamura may appear at WWE’s Payback PPV on Sunday!


So, we’ve all heard the rumours surrounding Finn Balor coming up to enter the “Bullet Club”. However, this theory states that this has all been a ruse to try and distract us from what is actually happening. Finn Balor has been trolling even more than normal lately, and even the WWE YouTube channel got in on the discussion on Balor coming up to the main roster.


However, Nakamura is currently in NXT with very little prospect for storyline. No doubt we love seeing his matches. However, there isn’t any prospects for feuds with anyone currently. Therefore, it’s a possibility that he is in fact poised to be launched into the main roster.


Shinsuke nakamura debut


Another story we’ve heard is that the first person Nakamura saw after his debut match at NXT was Vince McMahon. That’s huge! Apparently most NXT stars don’t even meet the boss until they to up to the main roster. This suggests that Vince is heavily invested in the Japanese superstar. Which is also good because it means that creative are less likely to bury him like they do to most other international superstars.
We’re not quite sure how Shinsuke Nakamura could be implemented into Payback on Sunday, which is where the hole in this theory lies. At least a Finn Balor appearance would make logical sense with Gallows and Anderson. Yet, there isn’t any backstory to make a logical entry for Nakamura on the main roster yet.


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