I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t avidly watch Tough Enough. Being based in the UK, I just waited for the episodes to be uploaded to the WWE YouTube Channel. However, we now know that Josh won over ZZ, which admittedly, was likely expected. While ZZ has pretty much been the favourite until last week, there’s no doubt that Josh is the better athlete.

I loved ZZ at first, he was charming, and had a certain aura about him. However, I think that effect wore off over time. For me, over time, ZZ just came across as more stupid than cutely charming. His lack of drive and constant excuses just got annoying for me. There’s nothing more that I hate as a characteristic in someone than laziness.

Luckily, Josh is everything that ZZ isn’t. He’s athletic, he’s in shape, he has charisma. While ZZ is no doubt charismatic, I feel like he was relying on that far too much.

During the final, they showed a before and after photo of both ZZ and Josh. Those photos showed who was working the hardest during Tough Enough. Josh noticeably got more shredded and cut (he was definitely not fat when he first came to the show). However, there was very minimal, if any at all, change with ZZ.


ZZ was lazy during Tough Enough

The pure and simple fact is, I don’t think ZZ has enough life experience to succeed in the WWE. Your average 18 year old hasn’t ‘found themselves’ and doesn’t understand what drives them. He needs to find out what it is which is going to push him to succeed, and then potentially give it another shot. At this current stage, ZZ comes across as lazy and uninspiring. He just can’t be bothered to put the required effort in to succeed. I don’t believe he will be like that forever, I just think he lacks the maturity to take his life by the horns and get sh*t done. We will see. We might see the WWE take him under their wing and try and evoke some sort of drive out of him, because if they can, he could be the ultimate baby face.

My only worry with ZZ is that he doesn’t seem particularly smart. If I was working with him, that would drive me up the wall.

What do you think? Should ZZ have won Tough Enough? What would you have done if you were in his position? Are you happy Josh won?