Recently I posted about how Booker T had made a slip up during the commentating of a recent Neville match, where he compared the two wrestler’s flying abilities. If you want to read into the story more, then click here.

However, Owen Hart’s brother (Bruce Hart) has spoken out about the situation:


At least Booker T has publically apologized for his remarks about my brother Owen and at least WWE saw fit to edit his comments out of all RAW replays,however myself and other members of the Hart family were offended by Booker Ts ill chosen comments. As Owens brother Booker I found no humour and was deeply offended and disappointed by the remarks on RAW and don’t know why you be that insensitive and indescreet. Frankly Booker T you should be ashamed of yourself.

I rest my case



Seems a bit unfair if you ask me.

I’ve already made my opinion clear, that it was a pure and simple slip up of words. The majority of fans didn’t even notice it, let alone put two and two together. Plus…It’s Booker T! This is the man that accidentally let slip the N Word in a live backstage promo. He meant no harm by it, and Bruce Hart’s comments seem a little harsh and silly.

The only reason he could potentially be annoyed is that the WWE are mentioning his brother, when we all know it was kind of the WWE’s fault that Owen Hart tragically died in the ring. However, let’s not get onto that.

Is Bruce Hart just looking for attention? Are his words justified, or is he just being a bit of a douche? Let us know in the comment section below, and make sure you share this story on social media!