I just read an article of the most overpushed WWE Superstars, over at eWrestlingNews (you can read it here). I didn’t agree 100% with the list, so I’ve decided to compile my own list of the most overpushed WWE superstars. I’d really like to hear your views as well though! I’ll compile it into a list of 5, with no particular order, I’ll just type them out as I think of them.

So, this is the list of the, essentially, teachers pets of the WWE. Vince’s favourites:

  1. John Cena – Well, what can we say about John Cena. He’s managed to stick to the top like glue for over ten years. He’s been Champion more times than I even care to remember (think it’s 15 now…). He’s regularly the top guy when it comes to selling merchandise, which obviously means more money for the WWE, and that’s likely one of the factors keeping him at the top. John Cena equals money. WWE likes money. WWE likes money, a lot. Cena just wins to many matches at the end of the day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he reaches the 20 Championship milestone before he retires
  2. Triple H – You can’t really love Triple H, but you can’t hate him either. He’s very ‘meh’. He gets the job done, but you’re never left in awe of the match he has just delivered. I challenge you to say a stand out match of Triple H’s in the past. He’s had some good matches, but nothing outstanding. However, he’s been a champion on many occasions, and is still performing at Wrestlemania despite technically being retired from the ring and being a full time desk guy. I’m not sure whether it is Triple H’s ego that keeps him where he is, or the fact he’s married to Vince’s daughter. One or the other. You decide.
  3. Big Show – Eurgh, where to start. “Please Retire!”. I’m not a hardcore anti Big Show guy. However, sometimes his matches are a bit dull. I mean, he really needs to be paired together with the right person to make him look entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Big Show retire in the next 12 to 24 months. The Andre The Giant memorial Battle Royal seemed, to me, to be a bit of a parting gift to the Big Show. However, you never know. Maybe he’ll be plodding round the ring into his 80’s.
  4. Hulk Hogan (Post 2000) – I decided to be kind and specifically state Hogan post 2000. I’m not a Hulk Hogan fan, and think he’s hugely overrated, but I’ll save that for another post which will likely turn into a huge rant. Hulk Hugan doesn’t belong in a ring anymore, simple as that. The fact he keeps coming back now and then is just silly. He literally has to take shots in his spine just to deal with the pain of being an old man in wrestling. Plus there’s the pure and simple fact that I don’t want to see an old man’s flabby man boob on my tv. I could just about cope with the old man breasticles of Ric Flair…mainly because Ric Flair is actually a good wrestler. However, I don’t understand why throughout the 2000-2010 period, Hogan was brought back on multiple occasions. Suppose it boils down to money again.
  5. Randy Orton – I’m a huge Randy Orton fan. I’m not going to keep that a secret. I’m not sure why I like him so much, but I’m always rooting for him to win. However, putting my interests aside, there’s no doubt that Orton has had his fair share of luck due to the fact he has a guardian angel backstage. He’s been pulled up on breaching the wellness policy on multiple occasions. I believe his slate has now been wiped clean. Likely because Vince didn’t want to be in the situation where he would actually have to fire Randy, as I believe the rule is, caught a 3rd time and you’re out. But no matter what Randy does wrong, and no matter how long he’s suspended for, he always comes back and is thrusted straight back into the title scene. However, as I stated, I enjoy watching Randy Orton, so I’m not complaining. However, he really is pushed by the WWE really hard.

So, that’s my five (FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME!) most overpushed WWE Superstars. Who would you add to the list? Share this on Twitter and see who your friends would add.