How did everyone enjoy watching Money in the Bank last night? I thought it was yet again another stellar WWE PPV, and they’ve definitely started to make up for the massive disappointment at Extreme Rules.

However, one thing was glaringly obvious to me watching Money in the Bank and also bringing the past few months into consideration.

The WWE, and it’s creative team are majorly wasting Randy Orton. What is he doing?!



He just currently seems to be a jobber or ‘big name’ who is just coasting without much purpose. Which is a shame, because he still gets a huge pop when his entrance music goes, and he’s obviously very popular. Why aren’t the WWE capitalising on him?! He was barely in the Money in the Bank ladder match last night. The focus was on the majority of the other wrestlers. Actually, I bet if you calculated actual screen time of each of the wrestlers in that match, Randy Orton would likely be in the bottom two.

I think one of the main issues with the WWE at the current moment in time is that they’ve definitely made it a singular show type deal. There’s no Raw vs Smackdown, or two different big titles. They really need that back again. First of all, because it allows there to be two ‘top dogs’ so to speak, and there is also no doubt that back when Paul Heyman was in charge of Smackdown, it was some of the most competitive and interesting wrestling on TV in recent times.

I know that back then, I would watch Smackdown over Raw. While these days, I don’t really often watch Smackdown when it’s actually on TV. I may catch up on it if I’ve got nothing else to do, but it’s not something which I prioritise over.

If the WWE were to create two heavyweight titles, it would allow two top dog champions, which would give more space for Randy Orton and other superstars who are floating around doing nothing, to actually have a purpose.

I wouldn’t leave it at that either. I’d bring back at least two other belts (or perhaps create a new one). The hardcore championship would be a good addition, if we had some sort of ‘hardy boy’ or ‘Dudley boys’ esque tag teams on the roster, which we unfortunately don’t.

Are you disappointed with how the WWE are treating Randy Orton? Would you like to see more involvement from him?