Some of us simply tune in to watch WWE RAW week in, week out. However, some more hardcore fans may be looking for WWE Memorabilia, such as WWE Toys. We’ve trawled the internet to find the Top 10 WWE Toys you can buy!


For your convenience, we have added the links for you to purchase the relevant WWE Toys


WWE Superstar Showdown Boardgame

This WWE Superstar Showdown board game will combine exiting card play, with miniature combat. It will also include some of your favourite WWE superstars!

wwe boardgame




WWE Tattoo Set

WWE tattoo set

Get this tattoo set and have a bit of fun adding this non-permanent tattoos on your arms. Make yourself look like a slightly out of shape Roman Reigns! ha!



Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose WWE Toys

the shield wwe toys

Are you as much of a fan of The Shield as we are? Hark back to the days of The Shield and get this Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose WWE Toys set!



Randy Savage Figurine

randy savage figurine

Do we need to even explain why this is cool? It is Randy Savage for god’s sake! Everyone loves Randy Savage!


Sin Cara WWE Mask

sin cara mask

Sometimes the masks that WWE directly sell can be ridiculously expensive. Then, they rarely turn out to be close to what the wrestlers actually wear in the ring. So, don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on your mask, and take a look at this replica Sin Cara mask! Easily purchased from Amazon.


So, that’s all folks. We will maybe make more of these top 5 lists, and probably update this one again in a few months. What WWE Toys do you enjoy buying? Do you collect certain items? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to have you write a post on WhatWrestling about your collection. Also, let us know what other posts you would like to see on the website.


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