Top WWE Wrestling Betting Tips

Betting on WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is becoming ever more popular across the globe. Although not every match is open for bets, betting is allowed on certain WWE events, such as the yearly Wrestle Mania.

Betting on WWE is considered exotic betting, however, and not sports betting, and so is run by slightly different rules to standard sports betting. The wrestlers are assigned odds as with a normal sports event, but there is a limit to the amount a bettor can place on each match. In the case of most online bookmakers the limit is $50. Therefore, no more than $50 can be placed on any one fight.

Easy WWE Betting Options

Since WWE is a case of one fighter going up against another, the betting options found on NZ sports betting sites are as would be expected; which of the two fighters is going to win, and which is going to lose. The odds placed on each fighter give hints as to which fighter is favoured, and which the underdog. If we take a hypothetical example and say that the odds are; The Undertaker -1000 versus Triple H +550, the first thing we can tell is that The Undertaker is the favoured fighter in this match. This is indicated by the minus sign. Triple H is the underdog, indicated by the plus sign.

The numbers also mean that if a bet of $10 were to be placed on the Undertaker to win, a successful payout would yield only a very minor $1 in profit. Since The Undertaker is favoured, a high bet must be placed in order to see a good payout. This is the nature of betting; risk versus reward.

However, if the same bet of $10 were placed on Triple H to win, at +550, the payout would be $55. Triple H is the underdog, and so betting on him is much more lucrative if he manages an upset and emerges victorious.


Wager to Win


So how can a bettor get the most out of WWE betting?

First, keep in mind that not all online bookmakers offer the same odds, and that better odds may be available at different websites. It is important to find the most beneficial odds for your favoured bet before placing down any money. Some betting sites are dedicated entirely to showing which odds are available at various websites. These comparison sites are very important, and should be used as much as possible.

Second, WWE is an organisation based around heroes and villains, as is the nature of the entertainment. It is, therefore, often not difficult to predict whom the winner of a match will be. There is always the chance of a dramatic upset, but for the most part a keen observer will be able to make an educated guess. The real trick is, however, to spot a matchup where it is the underdog who will emerge a victor, as opposed to the favoured wrestler.

These bets will payout the most, and are where a smart bettor will be putting their money. Scouring tip websites and finding an underdog winner is what separates the bettor with full pockets and the bettor with empty pockets.