With Summerslam scheduled to begin in only a week or so, WWE fans all around the world are tuning in to watch the latest promo videos from their favourite wrestlers and speculate about the match ups. With Big names on the card such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins, the WWE’s popularity is stronger than ever and thousands upon thousands of youngsters and adults, imagine themselves facing off in the squared circle with their favourite wrestler.

It’s no surprise that main events such as Summerslam bring out the wrestler in all of us, however, if you want to be on the big stage someday, chances are you are going to need to do some training at some stage, that would make sense wouldn’t it. The best place to train is in your own home. It’s the perfect place to start and this article will give you the tips you need to train like a pro wrestler at home.



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It all starts with you. By that we mean that starting a fitness regimen doesn’t need you to register at the local gym, it just needs you to commit to a training plan and then execute it every single day. Start with Calisthenics. These exercises involve your bodyweight and will secure the foundation that you will build upon. Push-ups, pull-ups, dragon flags and handstands all have their place in a fitness routine and you should spend 45 minutes every day in a structured workout that you can consistently stick to.

After a few months of body-weight training, it’s now time to hit the gym. Once again, it isn’t necessary to register at the nearest planet fitness. It much better if you just purchase your own equipment and slowly begin to build yourself a home gym. Gym equipment lasts a long time and collecting it over the years will bring you a lot more functional, relative pieces of equipment to your training that at most times, are not even available in the gym. Equipment such as fat-bars, hex-bars, power racks and kettlebells are usually not available in your local gym, so take the initiative and start your own collection. Begin with a standard Olympic bar and some dumbbell’s. Use this piece of equipment to do squats, deadlifts, bench press and curls. It’s an incredibly useful piece of equipment that is very versatile and nearly indestructible.



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Add to your setup at home with every pay check and you will soon have a garage filled with great equipment that will last you a lifetime! When you have built up some size and strength, it’s time to start practicing wrestling techniques. When practising these techniques, the most important piece of equipment in your home gym will be the mats you purchase to train on. McBryde Mats are the industry leaders in mat manufacturing and they produce quality sports surfaces that last forever and can be detailed with colourful logos that are hand-painted on to the mats using a proprietary process that ensures the graphics never wear off.

The best place to find mats is online and you can order them without much hassle, delivered directly to your garage door. Mats are a must to protect you from all the spills and drops you will have to endure during the course of your training. They are the last line of defence between you and a serious injury and will help give you the confidence to push your training to the limit every time you step on to the mats for a session.

Another often over-looked dynamic of training is the nutrition you need to train effectively and with full energy in every session. Your diet should consist of a good balance of nutrients, with protein being the bulk of your intake. Carbs are great for fuel, but avoid them in the evenings as they will lead to unwanted fat gain, instead, make your evening meal rich in proteins and fats. Choose quality sources of food such as grass-fed beef, farm fresh, free-range eggs and raw milk. Don’t forget to pile on plenty of fresh vegetables and if you are in need of a sweet treat or a burst of energy, look at fruit to get the job done right.




Supplements are important as well to make sure that your body recovers properly from the stress you are loading on it, so make sure you get yourself a quality protein powder, some fish oil and a multi-vitamin, that’s all you really need to help your diet out and achieve the energy levels you need to make sure that you are giving your all with every training session.

Al that’s left is your own dedication and commitment to seeing yourself achieve your goal and step onto that pro-stage, even if you never make it, you will enjoy the benefits of being healthier, stronger and fitter than you have ever been before and you will have a great home gym set-up with the best pro mats money can buy! Good luck in your training!


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