When World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced last year that it would be coming to India, I knew I had to make it to New Delhi for this live event. As a young boy, I grew up watching wrestling as my father before me. WWE last came to India back in 2002 in Mumbai, which is surprising because India is its third largest market. Anyway, I convinced two of my friends to join me.


We had not realized how big a deal this was in India until my two friends and I saw the queue for the ticket sales. Despite the tickets being expensive, fans turned up in droves. Sadly we learned that John Cena, who was to be the main attraction, wouldn’t be available due to injury. This did not affect the excitement though. By December the tickets were sold out and we couldn’t wait for January.

On the day of the event, there was hellish traffic near the stadium, and to compound on that there was human traffic that lasted forever at the entrance. I met up with my friends at one of the entrances and we could see where the wrestlers and crew entered. Some of the wrestling divas were signing autographs for a crowd that kept growing by the minute.

Once inside the noise that sounded muffled suddenly hit me, and I could not contain my excitement. I was impressed by the organization of the crew and as we walked by, we learned that there were roughly 11000 fans present. It was hardly surprising judging from the noise. This was the loudest place I had ever been.

We made our way to our seats, which were at one of corners of the stadium. For a sport that is staged, the level of energy and commitment of the fans even startled me. I could see people from all walks of life. I had to silently applause one young Indian man who had brought his girlfriend (I hoped I had assumed correctly) for what must have been an exhilarating date.

Just a few rows in front of us there were a group of fans with authentic looking costumes of some of the wrestlers on the roster. It was amazing how an event sheds all inhibitions and barriers and i found myself chatting with total strangers in minutes. Live wrestling beats watching it from home any day.

Before the announcement of the first match the ring announcers and referees interacted with the audience, parts they don’t show on television. The first match up was between Kane and the Big Show. I was quite a distance from the pyrotechnics but I could still feel the heat when Kane made his entrance to wild chanting and screaming from all around me.

These wrestlers were huge men and I had not exactly known how a seven foot man looked like. The first match definitely lived up to expectation with Kane triumphant. Words cannot describe the atmosphere after the winning bell was rung. My friends were among the first on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs.

wwe event in india

The event had eight matches over a span of about two hours and it seemed short. We were too busy enjoying ourselves. Personally, I liked the showmanship and charisma of Bray Wyatt, a relatively new wrestler in the industry. The final match, which ended with Roman Reigns defending his Heavyweight title, was one to be remembered. WWE wrestlers actually put in a lot of work into performances.

After the show was over there were still hundreds of fans chanting into the night. To most it was a party and it never ended with the matches. I could still see lines of people buying merchandise and taking photos with posters and some wrestlers. My night was made when just as I was about to buy gloves, DolphZiggler walked by with one of the Spanish announcers. I reached out for a fist bump and my hand met his. I was surprised by his size since I always saw him as small. He was big, over six feet tall and very sturdy. Certainly not a man I would want to be in a ring with.

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By the way, my friend and I, along with other friends, as mentioned in my experience, were happy to be part of an amazing experience in real time for the first time in so long.


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