We’ve seen chair shots die down a lot in recent years. Chair shots to the head are completely banned. However, have you ever wondered what the chairs in WWE are made of? and whether or not they would actually hurt?

To put simply, the chairs in the WWE are just normal folding chairs. However, the only difference is that they’ve had the rivets broken, so that when you, say, take a chair shot to the head, the metal of the chair will collapse and allow your head to bend the metal easily.

So, essentially, while the chairs are made of metal, it is very thin metal which isn’t reinforced in any way.


Does a chair shot to the head in WWE hurt?

Sure it does. Just like a bodyslam would hurt. The WWE ring isn’t as soft as you may assume. Sure, it has some give to is, but it sure as hell isn’t soft.

It is the same with the non-reinforced steel chairs. While there is plenty of give. You try whacking yourself over the head with even an empty plastic bottle….it still stings a little.

So, the next time some little troll decides to moan at you and say that wrestling is fake, how about you whack the little idiot over the head with a steel chair and see how he feels? I’m only joking! Definitely DO NOT do that! Remember all the “don’t do this at home” adverts you’ve been shown!


Want to Buy a Wrestling Chair?

We did some research to find the same style of chairs that are used by WWE. If you’d like to buy your own, you can check them out here.

WWE Wrestling Chair


What about tables in WWE?

The tables in the WWE are far more flimsy than the chairs. They’re just really thin chipboard, which can barely hold the weight of a man on them. In fact, there have been instances in the past where a wrestler lying on the table, waiting to be jumped on, has just randomly collapsed through the table.

These tables are specifically created for wrestling purposes, and won’t hurt particularly. Well…they won’t hurt much more than experiencing a fully grown man frog splash you from the top rope. It’s still going to hurt and wind you a little.