Just in case you missed the news flash. The Dudley Boyz returned to the WWE ring on Monday Night RAW this week to manhandle the current WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day. Tables were involved! In fact, I will embed the video of The Dudley Boyz’s return to the WWE below:

The pair haven’t stepped in a WWE ring for many years. However, they didn’t seem even the slightest bit rusty when they were making fools of The New Day. However, what exactly does the return of The Dudley Boyz mean for the WWE? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post. What creative could do with them, and what we think may happen.


The Dudley Boyz Feud with The New Day

It seems that they have their gaze firmly set on The New Day, who are the current WWE Tag Team Champions. Our love for The New Day has definitely grown a lot lately. If you look back at some of our older posts, back when Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were the champions, you will see that we didn’t like The New Day at all, and found them kind of irritating. However, I think they’ve now sorted out the formula, and are edging towards funny and goofy, rather than just plain annoying.

The problem I see with The Dudley Boyz fueding with The New Day, is that it is a bit like having Stone Cold Steve Austin come back after so many years, to feud with Bo Dallas. They’re whole galaxies apart in quality and talent. Now, that’s not to say that The New Day aren’t talented. They really are. However, they aren’t The Dudley Boyz.

Let’s go with the assumption that The Dudley Boyz eventually become Tag Team Champions again. We’re going to be put in a situation where none of the other tag teams are actually popular enough for the WWE to warrant a change in belt holders. It would be like a heavyweight division where The Rock is the champion, and the only contenders are Adam Rose and the members of the Ascension. It just wouldn’t make any logical sense for the belt to change hands. Which is my worry here. If The Dudley Boys become tag team champions again, they’ll likely be very long holders of the belt. Which may be a good thing…

We’ve seen the Tag Team Championship change hands on several occassions to far this year. Then you have the Heavyweight Championship which hasn’t changed since Wrestlemania, and The Divas Championship which hasn’t changed for almost a year. I think it might be good to solidify the Tag Team Championship a little bit. There’s some truth in the “hot potato” joke that The New Day make. The Tag Team Titles are changing hands like it is a hot potato.


Hardy Boyz WWE Return

We’ve had a discussion on the possibility of the WWE lining up a return for the Hardy Boyz as well. However, some research shows that Jeff Hardy has just signed up for another year with TNA (however, how long will TNA be around for?). There’s no doubt that this would add a huge edge to the tag team division, and some old school WWE fans would love it in the short term. However, it would surely just turn the tag team division into a two horse race. There’s nobody in the tag team division who can really compete with The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz on fan connection. Probably the only team that comes even close is The New Day. The Prime Time Players are widely liked. However, they don’t come anywhere close to evoking as much emotion in the crowd as any of the previously mentioned.

Would The Hardy Boyz be able to perform at their best if they would return as well? They’re not as young as they used to be, which will be a major factor. In addition to that, in the top tier of the tag team division, there’s nobody really who can compete with them on their high flying level. There isn’t an Edge and Christian to compliment them in the ring. The Dudley Boyz and The Hardey Boyz can create some great TLC matches. However, everyone will get bored of seeing that over and over. But…can you imagine Big E being swanton bombed through a stack of tables? That’s something I’d love to see!


Are you happy about The Dudley Boyz return?

Are you glad that they have returned? What about The Hardy Boyz? Would you also like to see them return to the WWE? We know that Jeff Hardy has signed on with TNA for another year. However, we’re not quite sure what Matt Hardy is doing. Perhaps he will sign up with Jeff Jarrett’s new wrestling platform. Only time will tell. Give us your opinion in the comment section below.