Instead of the normal match by match opinion we normally do here at WhatWrestling, I’m going to do a general overview of the whole event, and try and mention every match.

Kevin Owens and John Cena…What a surprise!

There’s no doubt that the highlight of the evening (somewhat surprisingly) was probably John Cena and Kevin Owens. Actually, if I’m honest, there were ¬†alot of surprises in the whole event. I guess we made a lot of assumptions, and a lot of them turned out to be wrong. Which is almost always good. We like to be surprised. The WWE is boring if you can correctly predict every single match.

The single best part about the Cena and Owens match was simply, as soon as you thought it was over, someone kicked out. There were so many ‘Oh…he kicked out?!’ moments. To be honest, we were almost certain that Cena was going to win the match. However, Owens picked up the victory in the end. At the start of the match the crowd seemed to be more behind Cena than Owens. However, you could feel the tide change over the match. There were NXT chants and Kevin Owens chants towards the end of the match. I’m not sure how they’re going to push Owens up to the main roster fully now. He’s beaten John Cena, so realistically, he shouldn’t really lose to anyone in the developmental program, should he? Perhaps they’ll do a storyline where Kevin Owens simply drops the NXT Championship and leaves, simply because he feels he’s too good for NXT. Which would add to his heel persona.

Arguably what was more shocking was that I actually enjoyed a John Cena match. Admittedly, I was never cheering for him, but he was in the match, and it was a good match. Kevin Owens definitely stole the show. He knew it was his debut, and he knew he had to make an impact, and he damn well did. I realise it makes no sense, but watching Kevin Owens do moonsaults and flips really made me think of classic Brock Lesnar. Back when he would do shooting star presses. Two huge guys who, physically, shouldn’t be doing moves like that. Yet, they pulled it off.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Kevin Owens is going to be huge in the WWE after that performance, and I have no problems admitting I wasn’t a fan of Kevin Owens before Elimination Chamber 2015. I always thought the whole ‘beat him to an inch of his life’ gimmick was a bit boring to watch. Only Brock Lesnar can get away with a totally one sided match, and even then, it’s not always show stopping.

What a turnaround for Dean Ambrose…and Roman Reigns

Think back to Wrestlemania a few months ago. Dean Ambrose was in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Title, and Roman Reigns was preparing to take on Brock Lesnar. Many people of which assumed, leading up to Wrestlemania, that Roman Reigns was going to be given the title, and the WWE Universe felt as thought he was being ‘overpushed’.

Fast forward a few months, and now Dean Ambrose is competing for the Heavyweight Title regularly, and technically speaking, won the match. I’ll be looking forward to what happens on RAW tonight after the ending of that match.

What was almost more surprising was the ‘pop’ from the crowd when Roman Reigns’ music hit. He’s no longer being booed like he was at the Royal Rumble, he was being cheered, and not just slightly. There was a considerable pop from the crowd. I’m definitely starting to like Roman Reigns more. Arguably, he’s now the only member of the shield who hasn’t held the title yet, so surely he can’t be accused of being ‘overpushed’ anymore?

Feed Me More! Feed Me More!

Ryback is our new Intercontinental Champion….what?!

I was almost certain that it was going to be Sheamus who walked out as the new champion from the Elimination Chamber match. I’m actually really glad it’s Ryback, he’s definitely been growing on me lately. Plus, he’s a bit different from your normal Intercontinental Champion at the moment.

The match itself wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Somewhat overshadowed by the Cena and Owens matchup.

What do you think about Ryback as an Intercontinental Champion?

Damn New Day…

So, The New Day walked out still as champions. What a shame…

There were some interesting things which happened in the first ever tag team Elimination Chamber. Some of them seemed a bit strange, like the climbing and hanging from the roof of the cage. It was all a bit unnecessary. However, I suppose it added something to the match, which is always good.

We’re firm supporters of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro here at WhatWrestling, but unfortunately they were knocked out and it was The New Day and The Prime Time Players left as the last two teams. We like the Prime Time Player. Heck, we like anyone other than The New Day. Then again, I suppose the fact we seem to dislike them so strongly is a testament to how good they are as heels.

The Best…and the Rest

If we’re honest. All the best matches have already been mentioned. I practically fell asleep during the Neville and Bo Dallas match. Was it boring, or was I just tired? I’m not sure, but if I’m totally honest, there wasn’t anything memorable that happened in that match.

The Diva’s Triple Threat match wasn’t too bad. We were cheering for Paige the whole time. However, like her boyfriend it has almost become assumed that Nikki Bella is going to win. Lol Bella Wins.

I like Nikki Bella, I really do. But, there really needs to be a new Diva’s Champion. One who is a little more unique and interesting. The fact we’re huge Paige supporters has nothing to do with that view…sort of…


Probably the best Pay Per View since Wrestlemania in my mind. Extreme Rules was awful, and Payback wasn’t too much better, but the Elimination Chamber 2015 was actually a good event.

There was an accidental mention of JR by the commentators which was a bit funny as well.

I can’t really think of anything else memorable off of the top of my head. I’ll be sure to mention it later if something pops in.

Let me know what you thought of Elimination Chamber 2015. Do you like Ryback as champion? What do you think will happen on RAW tonight regarding Dean Ambrose “Winning/Taking” the WWE Title.