If you’re not aware that there will be an Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar rematch at Summerslam, then you must have had your head underground for the past few weeks.

I think the big confusion here is who is going to walk out of Summerslam as the winner, as there is no doubt that realistically, both wrestlers have something big to gain from winning, or big to lose by losing.

What if Brock Lesnar Wins at Summerslam?

If Brock Lesnar wins the match, then it cements his persona as being a dominant force in the WWE. That will be the second time he has beaten The Undertaker in a row. However, I also don’t think that the WWE plans to have Brock Lesnar as the WWE Champion again any time soon due to the fact that he isn’t a common appearance on TV, which the WWE Universe definitely had a problem with.

The problem is, if Brock Lesnar wins, it pretty much ruins The Undertaker’s whole gimmick. He’s the guy that can’t be beaten, and getting beaten at Wrestlemania to make it 21-1 is still viewed as a bit of a one off. If Brock wins, it will show it wasn’t an accident. It will make The Undertaker weak, and likely just before The Undertaker retires.

What if The Undertaker wins at Summerslam?

Simply put, it will cement The Undertaker’s legacy before he likely retires. However, that’s the point. He is going to retire soon, if not after Summerslam. Therefore, ruining the pace that Brock Lesnar has built up over the years would be silly. As Brock Lesnar will be sticking around for years to come.

In addition to that, the shock and massive publicity that was gained from Brock Lesnar breaking the streak, would all go to waste if The Undertaker came back and beat Brock Lesnar on an arguably smaller stage.

Do I want The Undertake to win? Sure. Do I think it is the best for the WWE? No.

What do I think will happen?

The most likely option that the WWE will put out of the bag is that neither wrestler will come out as a decisive winner.

My theory is that there will be an interruption to the match. More specifically, I feel as though Sting will interfere in the match, which will set up Sting and The Undertaker for a match at next year’s Wrestlemania.

This acts as a factor for staring the forever yearned for match between Undertaker and Sting, which will likely act as The Undertaker’s final match. But also, it means that Brock Lesnar still remains unbeaten in recent times, and maintains his ‘barely human’ stature.

What do you think?

What do you think will happen at Summerslam? Do you think my theory is correct? Or do you think there will be a decisive winner?


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