The Undertaker’s Retirement

As of this very moment, The Undertaker is 51 years old. Let that sink in. He’s a professional wrestler who is performing (arguably part time) at 51 years old. Other than Ric Flair, I can’t really think of anyone else in recent times who has wrestled so often in their post 50 years. The Undertaker debuted in his wrestling career in 1984. That means he has been wrestling for over 30 years of his life. That is just insane. Yet, he’s still yet to hang up his boots. So, when will he finally do it?


Rumour has it that The Undertaker originally planned to retire a couple of years ago when Brock Lesnar broke the famous streak at WrestleMania. However, he then changed his mind about leaving the squared circle behind. Which makes the breaking of the streak seem rather pointless in retrospect. However, let’s ignore that. Every year after WrestleMania comes around, we ask ourselves whether it will be The Undertaker’s last WrestleMania. This year we saw him in his playground. The Hell in a Cell match, against the rather random choice of Shane McMahon. Which while it had a few spectacle moments, it definitely was not an action packed match. But based on the men’s age, we didn’t expect much in terms of fast paced action. It was entertaining never the less.


The Undertaker Retirement


The question could be made of whether or not The Undertaker actually needs to retire. He still puts on entertaining matches. As stated, they are never going to be defying the speed of light in terms of action. But it is always a spectacle, and he always leaves the crowd wanting more, year after year. However, you then have to look at the aspect of whether or not his body can keep up with the struggle any longer. He’s an old aged pensioner near enough, for Christ sake!


Rumour has it that there are already plans in place for The Dead Man to perform at WrestleMania 33.


We all wanted to see a match happen involving Sting. However, that was laid to rest (pardon the pun) when Sting announced during his Hall of Fame ceremony that he was retiring from wrestling. Now, we always want to stay optimistic and hope that this announcement was just a work, so that if the match were to occur, there would be extra hype surrounding it. However, considering Sting’s injury, and his age. I think it is most likely a genuine retirement. Albeit, he may take on a job in training in the back-end of WWE. Perhaps helping down in NXT.


It was heavily rumoured that The Undertaker would take on Brock Lesnar in a rubber match at this years WrestleMania, to sort of end the rivalry in that aspect. Likely for him to get his revenge, or whatever. But, we’ve seen this before. We don’t need to see it again. The only reason The Undertaker should ever convincingly defeat Brock Lesnar is if it was genuinely his retirement match. Otherwise, it would pose little benefit towards the storylines in WWE. Brock Lesnar is portrayed as a monster. Not as a guy who could be convincingly beaten by an old man (in all due respect).


Jim Ross: The Undertaker isn’t retiring soon

Jim Ross has made the statement that he feels as though Taker won’t be retiring any time soon. Whether that is anything to latch onto could be argued. Has JR had a conversation with Taker? Or is he going purely upon assumption? He made the argument that if Taker had any plans to retire any time soon, then the WWE would have made a grand spectacle for him at WrestleMania this year. Which they didn’t. Which, in all fairness to JR, is a fairly good point. It is unlikely that Taker will go out quietly. He will have a retirement announcement and probably a whole PPV dedicated to him. He’s probably the most loyal WWE superstar there has ever been! He stuck around during the WCW years. He’s always been with the WWE. Jim Ross went on to state that he feels Taker’s last match will likely be at a WrestleMania, but which Mania is still left to be decided. It could be next year, it could be the year after, or later. What we do know is, with educated assumption, there aren’t many years left that Undertaker can wrestle for. Therefore, we better savour the last moments we have of seeing him in the ring.


As a little tribute towards The Undertaker, here’s a video of his best bits. Enjoy!



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